Gout & Running #2

I just had my blood test yesterday morning. My doctor confirmed that my blood is 0.44 points (?) in excess of the maximum 7.0 points (?) of Uric Acid in my blood. He prescribed to me a daily dose of 300 mg of Allurase (Allopurinol) for the next three months to reduce and flash out and control my uric acid in my system. He even prescribed to me a drug, a very expensive tablet, for the pain which is taken once a day, only if I am attacked with the inflamation and pain on my right toe.

The doctor gave me a list of food which I can eat with mush gusto; foods I have to moderately take; and the foods I have to avoid. This is the list of food I can take without any limits:

Beverages                               Butter, Margarine

Bread                                      Milk (Low Fat)

Gelatin (Gulaman)                   Tea & Coffee

Fruits                                      Cheese

Eggs                                       Cereal/Cereal Products

Vegetables                              Fish

Harry aka Mukhang Guilty sent me also a link on the list of foods high, low, & lowest in purine which is a more detailed guide list on the foods I could eat with low purines/uric acid. Thanks, Harry for the link. I will really use the list as my daily guide.

Lastly, my blood pressure was 110/70 and a weight of 144 pounds! All the other blood tests were normal.


4 thoughts on “Gout & Running #2

  1. loonyrunner

    your gout might get a bit worse when you start taking the allopurinol, because sudden decrease in the blood uric acid levels can trigger an attack. Kaya keep those pain relievers at hand just in case. 🙂


  2. tiewkimo

    You are doing the right thing, taking care yourself, checking with the Doctor. A close by and fun run this Sunday. Are you planning to run forbes park-dasmarinas first annual run ? I e-mail the information to you.


  3. kingofpots

    loony, thanks for the info. we’ll see what the medications will do to my system. but for sure, i’ll keep on running! see you at the DND-AFP Half.

    kim, i just sent my reply to your e-mail address. thanks for the words of encouragement. happy running.


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