Visit @ Mizuno Office

10:00 AM 22 May 2008 @ Mizuno Office

I was supposed to meet KC Joaquin of Mizuno at their Main Office at Magallanes Commercial Center together with Captain Ferdie Espejo, instead, I met and had a brief talk with this young & beautiful lady: 

She is Michelle Abad, Marketing Associate of Mizuno.


20 thoughts on “Visit @ Mizuno Office

  1. bugobugo85

    sir jovie, i agree with markfb…..nice shirt. and veryyyyyyyy nice smile you have sir.and your eyes are smiling you just did the 42k in pr!


  2. kingofpots

    mark & bugo2x, guys, i did not realize she was wearing a “Hello Kitty” shirt. i wasn’t wearing my eyeglasses. if you are interested, i can give you her cellphone number. i thought you will notice also my A/X shirt..ha-ha-ha!

    jhunie, hindi lang maganda, matangkad at taga-ayala alabang pa! she’s nice!

    quicksilver, she made my day after getting lost at magallanes and talking to a very strict security guard of their building before meeting her. unfortunately, she’s a badminton player but i told her to start running, too!


  3. bugobugo85

    maganda rin a/x shirt niyo sir. may taste talaga kayo,hindi lang sa running shoes kundi sa mga shirt din….btw sir, ang bilis niyo talagang tumakbo … magtanong ng address at cellphone number.


  4. kingofpots

    bugo2x, on fashion, i always follow Laws of Power # 6–“Court Attention At All Costs”. with regards to being “fast”, i follow Laws of Power # 3–“Conceal Your Intentions”..hahaha! happy running!


  5. bugobugo85

    see you june 15 sir!!!!! it would be a good idea for you to share and post an article on the Laws of Power as you mentioned 2 above. btw, your eyes nor your smiling did not conceal….but i am sure you got everyone else’s attention…go army!


  6. kingofpots

    marga, please tell her that she has a lot of fans, here and abroad!. she could be the “muse of mizuno running/road races”. i am serious! i guess, that’s what they call “marketing”!


  7. mabad

    hi all!

    this is michelle abad. i really enjoyed our meeting mr. bald runner! i was really flattered on what you wrote about me. hehe.

    i hope to meet and see you all on June 15! i am going to be there but i won’t be running. i will be sent by Mizuno because we are one of the major sponsors of the event.


  8. kingofpots

    hi, michelle, thanks for the comment and visit to this blog. hmm..did it take you 12 days to see my post about you? everything i said about you is true and my visitors attest to it. ok, we’ll see you this sunday in camp aguinaldo. you better start joining our road races soon, beautiful lady!


  9. bugobugo85

    i completely trust the discriminating and discerning taste of sir jovie with the finer things life has to offer (asics shoes,a/x shirts,running gears…..etc…..)in the same breath as i would trust my life with him.therefore ms michelle abad, that said, be assured that you are in the good company of runners,not the least,army men and if i have to state the obvious,fear not ,sir jovie is here.

    iif were you ms m. ,take the offer to will be one decision you won’t regret the rest of your life.


  10. mabad

    haha! of course not, i have already seen your post about me before. only yesterday that i was able to be a member in your blog. hmmmm, i will try running soon.

    i just want to inform everyone that all participants of the DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap half Marathon will be given 20% discount on regularly priced athletic shoes. if some runners would like to purchase marked down shoes, we will be giving P500.00 off. all you have to do is present your race bibs at Mizuno Magallanes store. oh by the way, the promo is just valid at Mizuno Magallanes store and cash basis only.

    i will be looking forward to see you this Sunday bald Runner!! :p


  11. kingofpots

    bugo2x, you are really a good “wingman”. thanks for those nice words about me. actually, i consider ms michelle as my “daughter”. i just hope i’ll have a chance to introduce my son to her.

    mark, you still have time to reconsider your plans. i wish you should join us this sunday and be able to meet ms michelle. a nice photo-ops with her and bugo2x will be a nice one to post here.

    michelle, thanks for the comment & visit. we’ll see to it that this blog will make you a rated runner and enjoy the company of runners. good luck. see you this sunday.


  12. markfb

    Yup, that would be a nice shot. Of course the mentor should be there as well. : ) There will be a next time. We’re off to the beach this weekend. : ) I hope Mizuno supports the next AFP race in September as well.


  13. kingofpots

    mark, of course, i am always with you in the photo-ops. enjoy the beach! i am sure mizuno will be one of the major sponsors in the succeeding DND-AFP Gintong Pangarap road races.


  14. bugobugo85

    wen sir jovie, i registered and am currently cramming in practice for my first half-marathon come june 15.visualizing the route, bareng awan tu pay adu nga smoke-belching buses along edsa.

    and wen sir,bareng agkita ta diay finish line early enough for me to introduce myself and have photo-ops with you and your “daughter”. i can be your “wingman” at anytime.


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