Last Two Bibs; Route & Last Run

29 03 2008

27 March 2008

I registered personally at the Mizuno Store at Bonifacio High Street Mall after lunch today. The staff at the store told me that I am getting the second to the last bib for the 15K run. In one minute, I got out of the store and I am officially registered to run the 15K. While I was filling up my registration form, another guy entered the room and he got the last bib.

While looking at the zeroxed copy of the route, it confirmed the information I got from my officer yesterday. While I was going back to attend the closing ceremony of the seminar which I attended, I planned already to have my last practice run for the week before the race day on some portions of the route after the seminar.

Glancing at the course, the 15K route will be a hard one with so many hills along the way. My target of finishing the race in 1:15:00 hours would be a hard task and I could force my body to its limits. Well, mentally, that is still the target/objective but in reality, a 1:17:00 to 1:18:00 hours would be a decent time to finish the 15K run.

The strategy is to divide the course in three 5K runs. First 5K will be with a comfortable pace; the second 5K will be a faster one and the last 5K will be covered at a 2-mile run pace. The hilly portions will be at Bayani Road after the PA Golf Course; from the Heritage Park to Bayani Road; from the Golf Course along the Bayani Road up to the back of the Philippine Army Grandstand; McKinley Hills area; and the Essensa road. The difficulty on these hilly portions should be countered while running along the downhill portions of the route, which means that I have to increase my pace on the descending portions. The McKinley Hill part in going back to Lawton Avenue towards the finish line will be the “Killer Hill” in this race!

At 6:00 PM, I was already having my stretching exercises. I started from running workout from my quarters towards the Libingan ng mga Bayani, running along the outermost roads inside the park; went out and ran towards Heritage Park and C-5 Highway and back to Bayani Road; ran along Lawton Avenue towards McKinley Hill and was able to reach C-5 exit; and made a fast run in going up the last hill towards Lawton. From Gate 1 of Fort Bonifacio, I had my cool-down run towards my quarters.

My last practice run was a slow one but I was able to run in 1:29:03 hours with an estimated distance covered of 15 kilometers. I used my Timex Watch w/ HR Monitor with a 150-160 bpm and 1,060 total calories burned.




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