D-4 Day: Mizuno Infinity 15K Run

26 March 2008 (8:32 PM-9:25PM)

I’ve been in Manila for the 6th Philippine Army Physical Fitness Test Challenge yesterday and for today and tomorrow, I am attending a seminar/meeting among the Commanders of the Philippine Army. On Friday, I will also attend the 111th Founding Anniversary of the Philippine Army in a Military Parade and Awarding Ceremonies.

While attending a dinner with the Commanders, one of the officers from the Headquarters Philippine Army who is also a weekend runner told me that he had registered already for the Mizuno Infinity 15K Run. Well, I told him that I have yet to register in one of the Mizuno Stores in Makati with the thought that I’ll be registering at the Boifacio High Street Mall. I asked the officer about the route and he told me the general route of the 15K Run. He told me that route covers Lawton Avenue, Bayani Road, Heritage Park, Mckinley Hill Area and The Fort area.

After dinner, I immediately changed to my running attire and had a “run through” or course familiarization on the hilly portions of the course. Actually, it was not a course familiarization but a review on the route as I am familiar on most of the portions of the route. I did “fartlek” runs on the flat/plain portions and hill “bounding” exercises on the ascending portions of the route. I also practiced “belly breathing” on the hilly portions. 

The following data were registered in my GF 305:

Distance—8.63 kms                 Time—48:39 mins

Average Pace—5:38 mins/km    Average Speed—10.6 km/hr

Maximum Speed—13.6 km/hr   Total Calories—634 cal

Average HR—160 bpm                Maximum HR—170 bpm

Total Ascent—324 meters          Total Descent—357 meters

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

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