Retirement Gifts

This is a huge frame of my picture and the list of names & signatures of my Officers, Men & Civilian Employees at the Headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division, Philippine Army in Camp Macario Peralta, Jr, Jamindan, Capiz. I really like this as my remembrance from the Command where I led for One Year and Two Months to remind me of those hundreds of miles/kilometers I ran/logged in the mountains of Jamindan, Oval Track of Iloilo City & the white beach of Boracay Island.

This is the blow-up of the framed caricature/painting that my Officers and Men of the 301st Infantry Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army gave me as their gift for my 56th Birthday/Retirement from the active military service. The Brigade is responsible in maintaining peace and security for the entire island of Panay to include Boracay Island which is being commanded by Colonel Renato David, a lawyer and member of PMA Class ’78. This painting depicts my transformation from a cadet of the PMA to my retirement as the Bald Runner, covering a span of 37 years. You can spot the difference.


Pictures @ 2008 Doc Fit Run

Mark & Wife, who are consistent and regular visitors to this blog. Mark is also a golfer.

Annalene of “Annalene’s Story” who is one of the donors of the Project Donate A Shoe. She was able to influence her family to enjoy running and became regular participants in weekend road races. 

 Marga aka Transition Zero (in red shirt) with Jed & Jenna Segovia; my brother Samie and college classmate who is now a doctor of the Philippine Heart Association, formerly Eva Rimando (on my right)

A pose with Councilor/Doctor Doray Delarmente of Quezon City. She is the only daughter of  PMA Cavalier Delarmente whom I worked with when I was still a Major assigned with the Office of the President. Councilor Doray donated four (4) pairs of running shoes to our Project Donate A Shoe. Thank you very much for your support, Councilor Doray!

Progress Report: 2008 Doc Fit 10K Run

6:00-7:00 AM 25 May 2008 @ UP Diliman Campus

I usually wake up at 4:30 AM when a road race starts at 6:00 AM. It takes me at least 30 minutes to shave my head and face; force myself on the toilet bowl; take a bath; drink my hot coffee; eat at least 5 tablespoonful of oatmeal; drink 250 ml can of Ensure; apply Petroleum Jelly on my inner upper legs/crotch & inner parts of my upper arms; brush my teeth, and finally wear my running kit & shoes. At 5:00 AM, I should had left my quarters and proceeding to the venue of the road race.

My staff and I arrived at UP Campus at 5:30 AM and I immediately had my stretching exercises and slow jogging/warm-up run. After 15 minutes, I was already on my way to the Assembly area. I first met “the loonyrunner” who was having his warm-up run infront of the starting line and I told him about my latest trip to Baguio City and my observations on the proliferation of illegal settlers on areas adjacent to Camp John Hay. I had my initial impression on the loony runner, who was wearing an all-black running kit, that he was well-prepared for the road race as he is familiar with the route plus the fact that I was able to see in his eyes his determination to make good in this race.

A pose with MarkFB, my No. 1 visitor & commentator, five minutes before the start of the race.

After talking to the loony runner and as I was about to enter the Assembly Area, I met Mark and told him that I just bought the Sennheiser MPX 70 Sport Headphone which he recommended. I suddenly felt that I needed to take a “leak” before I enter the starting area and I excused myself from Mark. Mark & I entered the area and I immediately saw the “friends & visitors of Bald Runner”–runmd, nolan, passion runner, and officers and men from the Philippine Army. At this time, I saw at the digital clock that we still have two minutes to spare before the start of the race. I positioned myself at the middle of the pack together with the runners from the Philippine Army.

Then suddenly Coach Rio made the countdown and we started the race. The runners from the Philippine Army dashed away from me at a very fast pace while I maintained my slow pace for the first kilometer. The sky was cloudy and there was not much light from the sun and the weather was conducive to a good road race. I still used my sunglasses while running but I did not bother to glance the readings on my GF 305 from the start up to the finish line. The problem with me with the GF 305 when I am running is that I could hardly see the data on my watch while I am running! I need a “reading glass” to have a clear look on the time elapsed on the dial of the watch!

My running form at vicinity Km. 3, infront of the Oblation.

I depended much on “listening to my body” with regards to my pace and speed for this particular road race. My race pace was an even pace as seen from my time splits in every kilometer:

Km 1—5:21 mins              Km 6—5:09 mins

Km 2—5:00 mins              Km 7—4:54 mins

Km 3—4:47 mins              Km 8—5:12 mins

Km 4—5:00 mins              Km 9—5:10 mins

Km 5—5:02 mins              Km 10–4:55 mins

I know that I was having a slow pace and finish time as compared from the previous races I had at the UP Campus but I did not force my body to the extreme. However, I noticed that my heart beat reached up to 179 beats per minutes on my last kilometer without any feeling of hard breathing or dizziness or feeling that I was too tired and spent after the race. I could feel that my regular supplementary weight training and long runs had contributed this feeling of being stronger for endurance running.

My usual “raised arms” pose/picture few meters from the Finish Line.

I consider this race as part of my preparation for the longer distance road races in the future.

To my fellow runners, I hope to see you on June 15th DND-AFP Half-Marathon Race at Camp Aguinaldo.

Another LSD For The Week & Sennheiser PMX 70

7:23 AM 24 May 2008 @ The Fort

It was Saturday, a day before the Doc Fit Run at UP Campus, but I decided to have another long run on this day for me not to miss the minimum base of mileage for the week. I started late and my pace was a slow one taking  the road course of the 4th Global City/Anta Run. The weather was hot and I was using a black cotton muscle shirt (Sinulog Festival) from Island Souvenir Store and my old white cotton soccer shorts from FILA which I bought during the late 90s. From the description of my running kit, one could imagine that it was too heavy and the color of my shirt absorbs more heat.  I was wearing also my old white Fort Ilocandia golf cap. My running kit became heavier after running for about 8 kilometers when the whole kit was drenched with my sweat. My running shoes, ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 was another heavy stuff for running but my thick socks was able to absorb most of my sweat that goes through my legs.

Another reason why I went for a long run was to try and test the Sennheiser PMX 70 Sport Headphones which I bought the day before at SM Appliance Center at Megamall. I went to SM Megamall to renew my NBI Clearance at the Basement Floor and after getting my new NBI Clearance, I thought of Mark’s (MarkFB) recommendation in one of his comments for me to get this particular sport headphones. Luckily, I was able to buy the last available stock and bought it for P 2,798.00. After running for one kilometer, I started to like the headphone. Thanks, Mark!

For the past weeks since I’ve started using a MP3 in my running workout, I’ve been using those cheap Philips Earphones with ear claw to prevent the earphone from falling down but these earphones tend to be loose and have the tendency to move out from my ear. I guess, I have a different ear hole configuration where most of the ear-plug type earphone do not stay stable on my ears.

Four years ago, I bought the first model of the Bose Noise Cancelling Earphone (covering the whole ear) which I used in my flights to the US and back to the country and other long land/air trips. Lately, I even used it during my gym workouts which caused most people at the gym to turn their heads at me. Two years ago, Bose came up with a smaller version of said earphone which is worn on the ear and has rechargeable battery on the system. It is more expensive but the “stirrup” that connects the “Left & Right” earphones is still bulky. Last year, I bought a Bose Ear-Plug earphone which costs P 5,000.00 but it has also the tendency to be removed from my ear when I am running. I was contemplating to buy the latest “on ear” Bose Earphone to upgrade my old Bose earphone but I was glad Mark recommended the Sennheiser MPX 70 Sport Earphone as a stable earphone for running which has nice reviews on the Internet.

I finished my long run inside the camp at Fort Bonifacio and proceeded to my quarters. I am finally packing my personal things and be able to vacate this quarters before the end of this month or before 15 June 2008.

My new earphone, Sennheiser MPX 70 Sport Earphone, passed the test and evaluation on my first use for my running workout. It really gave an stable & snugged fit to my ears and the sound is very clear and crisp. However, I guess, I selected the wrong artists/songs for the day. I played the music/songs during my younger years which made my run slower aside from the fact that the heat of the sun was so hot already. Well, I played the songs of the Ray Conniff Singers, Kenny G’s Duet Album, and Laura Fygi’s Latin Songs.

The following were the data that registered on my GF 305:

Distance—15.12 kms              Time—1:39:04 hours

Average Pace—6:35 mins/km          Average Speed—9.1 km/hr

Maximum Speed—13.3 kms/hr       Total Calories—1,040 cal

Average HR—149 bpm                     Maximim HR—160 bpm

Total Ascent—801 meters                Total Descent—790 meters

Cool-Down Run/Distance—1.51 kms      Time—10:05 mins

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

Music—Ray Conniff Singers; Kenny G (Duets); & Laura Fygi

Spot Report: 2008 Doc Fit 10K Run

5:58 AM 25 May 2008 @ UP Diliman Campus

In the military parlance, the first incident report to be relayed to Higher Headquarter is called “Spot Report” which must answer the basic 4 Ws (What, Who, When, & Why) & 1 H (How). The spot report is later followed with a “Progress Report” where the details of the incident are included.

So, this is my Spot Report on this race, The race started on time and to be exact, it started one minute before 6:00 AM based from my watch. I finished the 10K race with an unofficial time of 50:35 minutes. Finally, my GF 305 registered an exact distance of 10.0 K.

The following were the data that registered in my GF 305:

Distance—10.0K                  Time—50:35 mins

Average Pace—5:03 mins/km       Average Speed—11.9 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.9 kms/hr    Total Calories—740 cal

Average HR—164 bpm                  Maximum HR—179 bpm

Total Ascent—267 meters            Total Descent—280 meters

Running Kit—New Balance (Shorts & Singlet)

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8

Music—Bee Gees (Live: One Night Only)  

It was a nice run. Progress report to follow.

Critique: 2nd Champion Run

6:00 AM 11 May 2008 @ Marikina City Riverbanks

1)  More Runners But Narrow Roads—Coach Rio’s road races are becoming popular and attractive to most of the runners and beginners because of his excellent performance and good reputation in managing road races. It was not surprising that this road race which was advertised and known by most of the runners two months before its schedule would attract a lot of runners. Additionally, the police trainess from the Philippine National Police Training Center and soldiers from the Armed Forces of the Philippines joined this road race. However, the cemented road along the banks of the Pasig River in Marikina  City was too narrow for the runners. Almost all the runners had a slow start and average pace for the first three kilometers of the race. It could had been very easy to use the unpaved portions of the riverbank but the rains that poured for the past 3 days before the race made them to be muddy and slippery. With an estimated 1, 200 runners, the narrow roads of the road race became a problem to the average competetive runners.

2) 11K Race, not a 10K Race—I was informed after the race that Coach Rio announced before the race that the distance of the race was 11K but because I was busy with my stretching and warm-up exercises at the rear end of the assembly area of about 50-100 meters away, I was not able to hear the announcements. Psychologically, I could had prepared for that extra kilometer. Additionally, not all the kilometer markings were properly designated. It would be better if there were kilometer markings in every kilometer.

3) Too Many People Moving Against the Flow of the Race—The Marikina Riverbanks is supposed to be a Public Park but there are portions where I saw residences and illegal settlers along the route and the people living in these residences were starting to leave their houses for some errands and most of these were occupying the narrow paved road and walking against the flow of the race. Naturally, every runner would give way or avoid these walkers making the road a little narrower. There were also walkers and bikers along this paved road  going against the direction of the race which became distractions to runners.

4) People/Spectators Should Learn to Cheer—Generally, Filipinos as spectators of running/road races are not supportive or passive in giving encouragements to runners. After I reached the Finish Line, I proceeded to my car which was at least 200 meters to the Finish Line. Instead of changing my wet running kit, I went back at least 50 meters from my car and started clapping my hands and cheering the runners for the last 250 meters. I’ve observed that there were residents in the area looking at the passing runners but did not attempt to join me in my cheering. Anyway, I had at least 30 minutes of cheering where I saw most of the “visitors” to this blog passing and encouraging them to improve their time for the 11K race.

5) Race Started On Time and Race Results Were Very Fast—What is very consistent with the road races of Coach Rio is the observance of the punctual starting time and I really like this. Before noontime of the race day, the results were already published at Coach Rio’s Website and it was very fast and commendable.

Overall Rating of this Road Race—92%

Gym Workout #4

9:30 AM 23 May 2008

The following day after I arrived from Baguio City, I went to the gym for my usual workout. I guess, I am the only one who is doing some stretching exercises before the workout. I immediately proceeded to the “Classic” Workout Area for my dumbbell exercises and weight lifting drill. There was nothing new in my routine where I exercised and did some weight training workout to my body from my arms/shoulders to  my chest, abdominals, back and leg muscles.

Before I ended my workout, I tried to run on the treadmill for the first time inside the gym. After a slow jog for about 3 minutes, I increased the pace to 4:48 minutes per kilometer. I was able to sustain the pace up to the point that I was able to reach the distance of 1 mile or 1, 600 meters. I had another 3 minutes slow jog to end my workout. I was thinking that I can do my “tempo runs” with the treadmill machine but I still believe that running on the road is still better than running on a machine.

My gym workout lasted for about two hours and fifteen minutes.

Pictures @ Market! Market! 5-Mile Run

6:00 AM 18 May 2008 @ Market! Market!, The Fort  

This was the Start & Finish Area of the 5-Mile Race. In my estimate, there were at least 350 runners who participated in this race. The road was wet brought about by the rains the night before race day. It was expected to rain as it was showering when the race was about to start. The race started at 6:00 AM. 

On my right is Kim from Malaysia who called my attention when I was having my stretching exercises. She told me that she finished six marathons since she started running and also a regular visitor of this blog. On my left is Major Rod Turno of the Philippine Army and the other guy is also a soldier from the Philippine Army. Kim, I hope this picture is not late for publishing and hope to see you in our next road races.

This picture was taken after coming from the uphill portion along the vicinity of the International School. I was about to reach the 3-Km mark. Initially, I was using my Penshoppe Runner’s Cap but I removed it from this point up to the finish line. The Bald Runner should stay as bald while running!

This picture was taken at least 800 meters away from the Finish Line. The guy following me, a foreigner and tall guy, was able to overtake me 150 meters from the Finish Line.

I tried to maintain a faster pace but I wasn’t able to overtake those guys who passed from me on the final stretch of the race. This picture was taken 20 meters from the Finish Line. It was a nice race and the weather was fine. My time was 38:57 minutes for the 5-Mile Run.

Virus Infection

For the past two weeks, I’ve been attacked by computer virus through the Internet which made my laptop non-responsive to keyboard & other functions and very slow to upload pictures to be posted. For the past days, it took me some hours to access my WordPress Dashboard and took me hours also to post my stories.

I finally reached the limits of my patience and brought my laptop in one of the electronic repair stores in one of the malls. I am glad the computer technician was patient enough to find out and fix the problem. It took me some hours to wait for the repair and the installation of a new Operating System for the laptop. Anyway, I had a reason to go around the mall and browse to the different sports stores and book stores.

At last, my computer was fixed and repaired thirty minutes before the mall closed. I spent four hours inside the mall. I have to pay the price for keeping my laptop on its top condition and be able to update this blogsite on a daily basis. I have yet to post some stories which I think are worth reading by my visitors.

To my visitors and readers, I am back again to post my stories, at least, on a daily basis. Happy reading and Keep on Running!

Market! Market! 5-Mile Run

6:00 AM 18 May 2008 @ Market! Market!, The Fort

For the past days, I’ve been having a difficult time logging in at WordPress, thus, my posts had been delayed and spent much time waiting for me to register in my Dashboard. For this post, I waited for almost eight hour just to be able to make this post. Anyway, I am going to render a report of what happened in this morning’s Market! Market! 5-mile run.

I arrived at the Parking Area of Market! Market! at 5:20 AM and it was drizzling and the road was wet due to rains on the night before the race. I thought there were few runners who arrived for the race as I saw the assembly area vacant and few runners on the side of the road. However, I was informed that most of the runners are waiting at the Atrium area and shaded portions of the Shoppng Mall because of the slight rains. While I was about to have my stretching exercises, somebody called my attention and a lady recognized me as the Bald Runner even if I was wearing a runner’s cap. We had brief chat and by her intonation, I suspected that she is a foreigner. Later, at the Assembly Area, I was able to talk to her again and I found out that she is from Malaysia. Kim is a a regular visitor of this blog and we had a picture with the Philippine Army runners.

Before the run,  I met my brother Samie and his wife, Babette; Captain Ferdie Espejo; Major Rod Turno; Totoy Santos of Happy Feet; Cecil, Runmd, Rey Antoque; Officers and Enlisted Personnel of Headquarters Philippine Army; gym mates at Gold’s; and visitors/friends of Bald Runner. The race started and finished at the Access Road towards the Drop-Off point of the Shopping Mall. In my estimate, the road race was attended by almost 300 runners.

There was a short program before the start of the race but most of the runners were talking with one another and were raring for the start of the road race. Then suddenly, we heard a countdown from 10 to 1and then the command “Go”. I started slowly to allow the other runners infront of me to increase their pace as they reached the wider road between Serendra and Market! Market!  Once I reached the wide road, I immediately positioned myself on the left side of the running pack and increased my pace towards the International School area as I know this place is slightly going downhill. Immediately after the turn-around point where he road marshalls gave the first string band and going back  the International School area, a strong wind was meeting all the runners. We were running “aganst the wind”, a first tme experience in the area! The slightly uphill road and the wind slowed down my pace but once I was reaching the portion infront of “The New World” area, I started to increase my pace again. In almost all the roads along the route, the runners were met with strong winds but it made me more comfortable and relaxed.

In between Km 4 & 5, along the stretch between Jollibee and McDonald’s, we were again running against the wind and I started to drink my Propel water tucked at my back and I felt that the winds and drinking slowed down my pace again. Before reaching the 7Km mark, I had my last drink and anticipated a faster run/sprint in my last kilometer. Unfortunately, two guys ( a local runner & a tall foreigner) overtook me on the last 700 meters from the finish line and tried to catch up with them by increasing my fast pace but my efforts were not enough. Anyway, I finished the 5-Mile Run with an unofficial tme of 38:57 minutes which made me happy and contented/satisfied with my performance. I was glad I finished the race before the rains started pouring to most of the runners after me. I immediately proceeded to my car and avoided the rain from mixing with my sweat.

The following were the data that registered in my GF 305 & the accessories I used:

Distance—7.94 kilometers     Time—38:57 minutes

Average Pace—4:54 mins/km        Average Speed—12.2 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—20.7 kms/hr     Total Calories—588 cal

Average HR—164 bpm                  Maximum HR—172 bpm

Total Ascent—512 meters            Total Descent—501 meters

Running Kit—New Balance “Boston Run”

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2

Music—Bee Gees (Live: One Night Only)

Music Player—Ipod Nano (8GB) & Ipod’s Nike Arm Band—My Birthday Gifts to Myself

My Kilometer-Split times:

1K—4:43 mins                 5K—5:10 mins

2K—4:29 mins                 6K—4:50 mins

3K—5:07 mins                 7K—5:03 mins

4K—4:41 mins                 8K—4:32 mins

It was a nice run and road race. I will be posting the pictures on my next post.