Spot Report: 2008 Doc Fit 10K Run

25 05 2008

5:58 AM 25 May 2008 @ UP Diliman Campus

In the military parlance, the first incident report to be relayed to Higher Headquarter is called “Spot Report” which must answer the basic 4 Ws (What, Who, When, & Why) & 1 H (How). The spot report is later followed with a “Progress Report” where the details of the incident are included.

So, this is my Spot Report on this race, The race started on time and to be exact, it started one minute before 6:00 AM based from my watch. I finished the 10K race with an unofficial time of 50:35 minutes. Finally, my GF 305 registered an exact distance of 10.0 K.

The following were the data that registered in my GF 305:

Distance—10.0K                  Time—50:35 mins

Average Pace—5:03 mins/km       Average Speed—11.9 kms/hr

Maximum Speed—14.9 kms/hr    Total Calories—740 cal

Average HR—164 bpm                  Maximum HR—179 bpm

Total Ascent—267 meters            Total Descent—280 meters

Running Kit—New Balance (Shorts & Singlet)

Running Shoes—ASICS Gel-Cumulus 8

Music—Bee Gees (Live: One Night Only)  

It was a nice run. Progress report to follow.



5 responses

25 05 2008

snappy spot report sir jovie!!!!! and that is a good time you had today, congratulations.see you june 15 at dnd half marathon.

25 05 2008

OOA0559HMAY25, Jovenal Narcise, 56 y/o, CG3IDPA (ret) joined 10K Doc Fit charity foot race in vic of UP campus Brgy Diliman, Quezon City, MM. Subject arrived back at start/finish line without incident OOA0649HMAY25.

I hope you all had fun and see you guys at the DND event ha ha

25 05 2008

bugo2x, thanks! it was a slow run for me but i enjoyed the race. of course, i’ll be running the half-marathon on 15 june. happy running!

miraclecello/cecil, you are right! that is the correct format with the proper grid coordinates of a tactical map. anyway, i just presented a glimpse of my report on the said race..progress report to follow in a special report..hahaha!..see you on the 15th of june..thanks for the visit & comment. happy running.

25 05 2008

Bilis ah, may report na! : )

25 05 2008

naayos na laptop ni BR e! see you on the 15th!

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