Gym Workout #4

24 05 2008

9:30 AM 23 May 2008

The following day after I arrived from Baguio City, I went to the gym for my usual workout. I guess, I am the only one who is doing some stretching exercises before the workout. I immediately proceeded to the “Classic” Workout Area for my dumbbell exercises and weight lifting drill. There was nothing new in my routine where I exercised and did some weight training workout to my body from my arms/shoulders to  my chest, abdominals, back and leg muscles.

Before I ended my workout, I tried to run on the treadmill for the first time inside the gym. After a slow jog for about 3 minutes, I increased the pace to 4:48 minutes per kilometer. I was able to sustain the pace up to the point that I was able to reach the distance of 1 mile or 1, 600 meters. I had another 3 minutes slow jog to end my workout. I was thinking that I can do my “tempo runs” with the treadmill machine but I still believe that running on the road is still better than running on a machine.

My gym workout lasted for about two hours and fifteen minutes.



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