Final Official Result: 2nd PAU 70K Run

The following is the FINAL Official Result of the 2nd PAU Run dubbed as “P2P PAU 70K Run” in Ilocos Norte held on August 29, 2010.

The decision of the Race Director is FINAL.



  2nd PAU 70K Run Official Result
  Pasuquin to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
  August 29, 2010
1 Reynaldo Pascua 6:29:10 Champion (Male)
2 Moses Moreno 6:46:57 1st Runner-up (Male)
3 Raul Patubo 7:14:20 2nd Runner-up (Male)
4 Hermogines Olvis 7:20:25  
5 Rizaldy Juan 7:49:13  
6 Jonnifer Lacanlale 7:53:11  
7 Christopher Rodriguez 7:56:32  
8 Jose Mari Javier 8:00:18  
9 Eduardo Madariaga 8:03:13  
10 Michelle Estuar 8:06:46 Champion (Ladies)
11 John Frederick Abenina 8:16:12  
12 Jonel Mendoza 8:20:37  
13 Sandy Alentajan 8:29:10  
14 Graciano Santos 8:32:52  
15 Armand Fernando 8:38:08  
16 Alfred Delos Reyes 8:45:06  
17 Junrox Roque 8:45:13  
18 Julius Savella 8:45:14  
19 Wilnar Iglesia 8:45:15  
20 Siosan Baysa 8:50:15 1st Runner-up (Ladies)
21 Paolo Osmeña 8:51:47  
22 Camilla Brooks 8:59:00 2nd Runner-up (Ladies)
23 Albert Sama 9:12:38  
24 Raul Tapia 9:13:58  
25 Dennis Ravanzo 9:27:07  
26 Jose Dueñas 9:32:07  
27 Albert Henson 9:45:38  
28 Bonifacio Dalisay 9:45:39  
29 Simon Miranda 9:46:20  
30 Jereven Adriano 9:47:00  
31 Rodel Cuaton 9:51:54  
32 Jose Wacangin 9:51:55  
33 Lymuel Pascua 9:55:59  
34 Mark Adrian Hernandez 9:56:59  
35 Jeffrey Avellanosa 10:01:28  
36 Oscar Sañez 10:07:27  
37 Christine Ferrera 10:09:44  
38 Jeremiah Isip 10:09:45  
39 Chips Dayrit 10:17:21  
40 Roberto Delos Santos 10:18:45  
41 Henry Realgo 10:24:07  
42 Mon Marchan 10:26:26  
43 Earl Quero 10:27:48  
44 Carl Noel Balagot 10:29:48  
45 Ria Go Tian 10:31:40  
46 Wellington Yao 10:32:32  
47 Chester Puno 10:38:43  
48 Emerson Go Tian 10:39:23  
49 Allen Aguilar 10:39:48  
50 Michael Angelo Fabian 10:40:31  
51 Joseph Baltazar 10:41:08  
52 Ronnel Go 10:41:09  
53 Precy Hernandez 10:45:29  
54 Noel Hernandez 10:45:30  
55 Edward Villareal 10:49:12  
56 Warren Earl Navor 10:49:13  
57 Faivo Bartolome 10:49:55  
58 Shiela Compendio 10:50:14  
59 Charit Agana 10:51:13  
60 Allen Gaspar 10:52:51  
61 Christian Oting 11:04:40  
62 Rogelio Alejandro 11:12:53  
63 Frederick Gabriel 11:13:04  
64 Francisco Lapira 11:13:11  
65 Grimaldo Anecito 11:18:05  
66 Kessel Que 11:21:45  
67 Cecil Morella 11:23:19  
68 Chito Carreon 11:26:10  
69 Mel Severino 11:26:13  
70 Yul Antonio Almayda 11:32:56  
71 Nicomedes Jaranilla 11:35:05  
72 Blas Ople Tiangco 11:37:16  
73 Reynaldo Jimenez 11:37:30  
74 Jael Wenceslao 11:37:36  
75 Jeff Adriatico 11:45:10  
76 Mikko Barranda 11:45:10  
77 Ivy Macainan 11:45:45  
78 Camillo Kagaoan, Jr 11:48:17  
79 Elma Gabriana 11:48:24  
80 Bhrein Salazar 11:48:43  
81 Ronnie Gabriana 11:49:15  
82 Chinky Tan 11:49:26  
83 Lemuel Narcise 11:51:56  
84 Junar Layug 11:54:48  
85 Benedict Meneses 11:58:18  
86 Randolph Camalig, Jr 11:58:36  
87 Edwin Rara 12:00:31  
88 Samuel Narcise 12:03:52  
89 Rosgar Apolinario 12:05:01  
90 Ricardo Cabusao, Jr 12:05:23  
91 Karen Kate Pascual 12:06:24  
92 Craig Logan 12:09:31  
93 Emil Ancheta 12:13:23  
94 Aaron Anievas 12:14:32  
95 Emiliano Burgos 12:19:14  
96 Vic Viola 12:31:21  
97 Angel Henson 12:31:22  
98 Jose Lorenzo Mina 12:32:50  
99 Marlin Marilag 12:35:04  
100 Roselle May Dadal 12:36:44  
101 Crisanto Ubungen 12:42:54  
102 Teresa Ybañez 12:50:54  
103 Marco Christopher Montaos 12:50:55  
104 Don M Co 12:55:26  
105 Francis Acop 13:00:38  
106 David Buban 13:04:24  
107 Arturo Virata 13:05:54  
108 Raymund Anthony Abenojar 13:13:54  
109 John Vincent Ong 13:16:34  
110 Galo Pira 13:26:20  
111 Carina Manansala 13:37:56  
112 Alfred Paul Paiso 13:57:40  
113 Ayette Padua 13:59:09  
114 Jimmy Ong 13:59:09  
115 Joseph Frederick Calulut 14:00:03  
116 Eugene Tariaga 14:29:33  
117 Norberto Mortel 14:30:08  
118 Ellen Abegail Castillo 15:19:16  
119 Yan Dizon 15:19:16  

“P2P” 65K Run Update: Registration; Briefing & CLP

1. Whether August 30 is declared Non-Working Holiday or not, the 2nd edition of PAU run will push through. Whether it will rain or shine, the “show” will go on!

2. Last day of registration is August 15, 2010.We are not after the number of runners joining the PAU races. We are after the quality of runners who find the challenge & enjoyment in running along the roads outside Metro Manila; promote camaraderie among ultra runners; and enjoy the tourist spots in the province.

3. Finally, individual trophy for the Finishers had been delivered and soon to be transported to the Finish Line. I hope the runners will like and treasure their Finisher’s Trophy for this road race.

Individual Trophy For Finishers
Replica of the Bangui Windmill

4. A Briefing & Carbo-Loading Party will be held at the Main Restaurant, AFP Officers Clubhouse in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City at 6:00 PM on August 24, 2010 (Tuesday). Each participant shall be asked to pay P 200.00 at the entrance/registration table. A briefing will be presented to orient the participants on the route/race course. Each runner must be able to reach or pass on the following tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte as depicted on the following pictures.

Kapurpurawan Rocks In Burgos, Ilocos Norte (Picture Courtesy of Dr Chester Puno)
Guys, You Have To Bring Your Camera!!
"Puraw" In Ilocano Dialect Means "White"
Burgos Lighthouse (Photo Courtesy Of Rey Jimenez)
Bangui Windmills & The Trail
Finish Line @ Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

5. For those who were not able to read my tweets, the Official Hotel in Laoag City is the La Elliana Hotel along Rizal St, Laoag City. (Guys, this is not a 5-star or 3-star hotel but it is near one of best restaurants in the city that offers the best Ilocano cuisine!) To make a reservation, please contact Joel Bagay, the owner, at CP# 0917-568-1968. And for those who are opting to stay in Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, you can make your reservation at Terra Rika Hotel & Dive Resort (location of the Race Finish line) through their website at (Note: Mention that you are one of the participants of the P2P 65K Run being Race Organized by Retired General Jovie Narcise).

6. Race Bibs will be distributed during the Briefing & CLP. If you can not join us for the Briefing & CLP, you will get your Race Bib at the Starting Line in Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte. (Note: For those who will get their Race Bib during the Briefing & CLP, please make sure to bring them with you on your trip to Ilocos Norte).

Good luck to all the ultra runners!!!

Latest Update: “P2P 65K” Ilocos Norte

2nd PAU Road Race: P2P Ilocos Norte

 This is the 2nd series of the ultra distance road race runs of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) whose primary purpose is to promote ultra running in the country by bringing the runners outside of Metro Manila and in the different parts of the country. It has also the same purpose of discovering talented runners in the provinces who have potentials in ultra running. This will also have an effect in the promotion of eco-tourism in the different parts of the country.

The 2nd PAU Road Race will be held in the province of Ilocos Norte. It will start in front of the Municipal Hall of Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte (18 kilometers north of Laoag City) at 5:00 AM of August 29, 2010 and the road race will go towards the north direction along the National Highway, passing along the Municipalities of Burgos and Bangui and finally ending in one of the Beach Resorts in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. (Note: The name of the Beach Resort will be announced soon). The road race has a distance of 65 kilometers. The race route will pass along the famous Bangui Windmills along the beach and getting also to the Parking Space of the Burgos Lighthouse. These two landmarks are famous being the oldest structure (lighthouse) in the country and the only windmill establishment constructed in the country which is the source of renewable energy through the power made by the winds coming from the sea.

The road race has a cut-off time of 12 hours and the runners has all the time to enjoy the scenery of the route and drop by the tourist attractions in the place.

All finishers within the cut-off time will be awarded with a Finisher’s Trophy and Finisher’s T-Shirt. There will be Aid Station in every 10 kilometers and the runners are advised to bring with them their individual hydration belt or hydration system. Runners are also allowed to bring their support vehicle but they are advised not to “shadow” their respective runner. The support vehicle should be able to “leap-frog” and park along the shoulder of the road. Potable water, Gatorade, and “food bites” will be available in the Aid Stations.

The registration of this race is extended to August 15, 2010. The registration fee is P 850.00 and registered members of PAU are entitled to a 10% discount. For particulars and details in the registration, you can send your inquiry at or look for Mariane at telephone numbers: 408-4930 and/or 775-2334.

The official hotel is La Elliana Hotel located along Rizal St in Laoag City. In Pagudpud, the official beach resort and Finish Line is at Terra Rika Beach Resort in Barangay Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

Food and drinks will be served at the Finish Line. Donors/Sponsors for additional Ice-Cold Beer and Food are highly encouraged.

Some Pictures…

 1. On April 6-8, 2010, I was in Laoag City to celebrate the 85th Birthday of my Mom. I had a chance to run at the Laoag City Oval Track and meet the local runners & friends. I told them of my plan of coming up with an ultramarathon road race from Laoag City to Pagudpud in the future. Everybody was surprised as most of them have never tried running beyond the marathon distance. They told me that the estimated distance is 80-85 kilometers. Anyway, I told them to train and prepare as I will bring more ultrarunners from Metro Manila to run in the province.

Bangui's (Ilocos Norte) Windmills

 2. On my last day in Laoag City, I asked one of my nephews to drive me to Pagudpud to initially measure the route with the use of my GF 305. The measurement of distance started infront of the Provincial Capitol in Laoag City and we took the Bacarra Road, going North to Pagudpud. As soon as we reached the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte, my GF 305 registered a distance of more than 50K and I have yet to reach the Municipality of Bangui. Based from the Kilometer Posts, I need to travel another 30K to reach the town of Pagudpud! Instead of going to Pagudpud, I decided to visit the Bangui Windmill Project Site and the Burgos Lighthouse.

3. Through my calculation and assessment of the route, it would be nice to start the race at the Municipal Hall of Pasuquin where the runners would start to have a glance on the seashore! Laoag City to Pasuquin is 18-19 kilometers. The route will take the runners to pass along the Bangui Windmill Project (on the beach) and then back to the Highway. They will also have the chance to run uphill towards the Parking Area of the Burgos Lighthouse and then back to the Highway. The uphill climb is nothing compared to the uphill climbs in Tanay. The Finish Line will be at the Saud Beach in Pagudpud! Hopefully, a distance of 65K will be measured for this run.

Big Mangoes!!!

4. These could be the biggest mangoes I’ve seen in the country or in the whole world! The smaller mangoes are the Indian mango variety and they look like “dwarfs”. These mangoes are not available in Ilocos Norte! The biggest of them would weigh 3 kilos each! The biggest one in the picture weighs 1.5 kilos! The mango when it is ripe tastes like a papaya! They are sweet and juicy! They are good to eat after finishing a 20K easy run!