3rd QCIM Half-Marathon

Last year, I finished the 2nd QCIM Marathon in 4:30+ hours and I liked the very challenging route where runners would experience running inside the UP Complex, on the wide and rolling terrain of Commonwealth Avenue and within the La Mesa Dam Area. I did not have much training in preparation for this event as I wanted to experience running through the whole course. You can read my Race Report here.

As a QCIM “loyalist”, I really wanted to join the Full Marathon but due to my rest and recovery after joining the 1st Bakersfield Ultra Marathon Madness (BUMM) 32-Mile Trail Run in Bakersfield, California, I had “zero” training for the said distance. Instead, I decided to join the Half-Marathon event. I treated this race as part of my “base endurance” training in preparation for future events in the coming year. This is an event that would “kick start” my incoming season of running. (Note: If you noticed in my pictures that I was wearing a Running Visor, that could be a hint for a serious training to come!)

The race started at 4:30 AM and I focused on my plan to treat this event as a LSD run. I always remind myself at the starting line to stay relaxed as much as possible during the race. My first 5 kilometers were very relaxing as I joined most of the average runners at the back. I was averaging a pace of 7:00+ minutes per kilometer on those first 5 kilometers and I was having fun!

Sometimes I break some time-tested “lessons learned” in running. Whenever, I run the QCIM, I always use newly-bought running shoes and most of the time, these shoes are not categorized as running shoes on paved roads. Last year, I used the New Balance MT 101 trail running shoes and it passed the test on my feet and legs. No soreness, blisters and injury using a light, thin-soled, and almost “zero-drop” trail shoes. Last Sunday, I used the New Balance XC 700 which is considered as a Cross Country Running Shoes. It has some rounded-tipped “spikes” on its sole which one could feel as it is being used for the first time. However, after a few pounding on the ground, the feet would be used to the feeling and it would eventually disappear.

Relaxed and Having Some Fun!

From Km 6 up to the Finish Line, I gradually increased my pace within the 6:20 minutes to 6:50 minutes, average pace per kilometer. I barely took a glance on my GF 305 watch as I was running on how my body feels during the run. Basically, I was having fun and tried to be relaxed as much as possible. My first two swimming lessons had greatly contributed on my ability to run on a more relaxed manner! For the first time, I was surprised to experience the feeling of being relaxed throughout the run. No pressure, no competition, no whining, no “target” time to think of, no cursing on the lack of water cups on the Aid Stations and no “target/s” infront to overtake. The feeling was just like running as if I was alone in a trail and enjoying the views around!

Near The Finish Line

With such experience and relaxed running, I did not know that I was already approaching the Finish Line! Finally, I crossed the Finish Line with an official time of 2:20:50 hours. It could be my slowest Half-Marathon Race but the feeling of running relaxed and following/focusing my race plan was a great experience.

Another Finisher's Medal in Running

Thank you, RUNNEX, SMDC and Quezon City for a successful conduct of the 3rd QCIM Marathon.

Note: Thanks to LeStSky Runner and Pinoy Fitness for the Pictures they posted at Facebook!


New “Toy”: New Balance MT 101

Two years ago, I donated my New Balance 902 thinking that it was the cause of my Achilles tendon pains not knowing that I was already attacked with gout. Since then, I never bought New Balance as my running shoes. Instead, I used ASICS for my training and competitive road races. 

In almost two years, I’ve started reading the blogs of famous trail ultra runners and I shifted slowly to trail running. I started to buy trail shoes and apparel from The North Face/Patagonia and I was satisfied with their performance. I have two Arnuvas; one Hedgehog; one Single Track; and one new Sentinel (courtesy of July Oconer). However, in almost all my trail runs to the “Brown Mountain”, I’ve been using the lightweight Adidas Osweego and Adizeros (Mana & Adios) and I did not have any problems with them on their traction and thin soles. Using these lightweight Adidas Adizeros for the past months gave me the confidence to try more “minimalist” trail shoes.

Top View

I had the chance to buy the popular New Balance MT 100 from Zombie Runner when I ran the Headlands 50 last July 2010 but I hesitated due to the fact that I suspected that a newer version is coming out soon. Reading from the blog of Anton Krupicka, he mentioned that he was invited and made a trip to the Corporate Office of New Balance for a meeting with their Research & Development Division and I suspected that there must be a significant importance to such meeting. 

Side View With The "N" (Narcise) Letter

 I personally guess that this new version or improvement of the New Balance MT 100 (trail shoes used by Anton Krupicka in his Miwok 100 and WS 100 this year) is the product of such meeting or for a more “minimalist” shoes to be released soon.

Well, I could not compare between the NB MT 100 from the latest NB MT 101 as I have not seen intently and used the MT 100. But I am sure that this is the improved version of the “minimalist” trail shoes that is available from New Balance. This could also be the answer of New Balance to the popularity of shoes that mimics barefoot running which is becoming popular for the past two years.

Another Side View Showing The Thin Sole

 Anyway, I am still trying to find a place where I could “break-in” this new toy. Definitely, it will be a choice between the Bataan/Mariveles or the Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. We will see how these shoes will perform in our mountain trails.

Another Side View With The Sole Traction

For those who are interested to purchase this trail shoes, you can visit the website of Zombie Runner or wait for early next year for its availability in our local New Balance Stores. At www.zombierunner.com, all the things you need to “play” and run in mountain trails are called “toys”.