Official Results: 1st PAU Iloilo River Esplanade 12-Hour & 6-Hour Endurance Race

1st PAU Iloilo River Esplanade 12-Hour & 6-Hour Endurance Race

6:00 PM March 23, 2019 To 12:00 Midnight March 23, 2019 (6-Hour Run)

—Number Of Runners: 11 Runners

6:00 PM March 23, 2019 To 6:00 AM March 24, 2019 (12-Hour Run)

—Number Of Runners: 5 Runners

1st PAU Iloilo River Esplanade 12/6-Hour Run Starters

12-Hour Endurance Run

RANK      NAME            No. Of Kms

  1. Ian Christian Torres (Overall Champion)—81
  2. Cheche Magramo (Female Champion)—69.6
  3. Tina Aldaya (1st Runner-Up, Female)—66.7
  4. Dan Navarro (1st Runner-Up, Male)—58
  5. Khristian Caleon (2nd Runner-Up, Male)—23
Finishers Of The 12-Hour Endurance Run

6-Hour Endurance Run

RANK     NAME       No. Of Kms

  1. Ronal Egaran (Overall Champion)—52.2
  2. Edward Delos Reyes (1st Runner-Up, Male)—46.6
  3. Regina Dela Cruz (Female Champion)—46.6
  4. Chester Robite (2nd Runner-Up, Male)—46.6
  5. Remy Caasi (1st Runner-Up, Female)—44.8
  6. Josie Escobañez (2nd Runner-Up, Female)—44.8
  7. Ale Paez—36.4
  8. Sherwin Guansing—36.4
  9. Noel Ko—36.4
  10. Diding Boersma (Female)—36.4
  11. Senen Boyet Rentoy—28
Finishers Of The 6-Hour Endurance Run

Congratulations To Everybody!


Oval Track Run @ Iloilo

These pictures were taken during my oval track run at the Iloilo City’s Athletic Grounds in the afternoon of 23 Nov 2007. I completed 32 laps at an average pace of 2:10-2:20 mins per lap. I finished my run with a time of 1 hour & 15 minutes. It was my first time to use my New Balance 902 running shoes. 

dsc03799.jpg         dsc03801.jpg        dsc03802.jpg

My new running shoes is very light and I need to make some adjustments with the way I run with it. It is comfortable but it has minimal arch support. It has thinner sole than my old New Balance 716. I started to feel some slight pain on my lower leg muscles after 20 laps but it disappeared after slowing my pace. The New Balance 902 will be my trainer shoes from now on.