Results: 3rd BR’s Barefoot & Minimalist 6K Run

The following are the results of the 3rd BR’s Barefoot & Minimalist 6K Run held at the Philippine Army Grandstand & Parade Ground’s Jogging Lane o/a 4:30 PM October 8, 2011 (Saturday):

Rank Bib # Name Time
1 222 Andrico Mahilum 22:28
2 223 John Quinones 22:53
3 205 Johndiel Bastatas 22:56
4 218 Enrique Sundiang 23:50
5 202 Randy Rubio 25:08
6 204 Erik Talagtag 26:08
7 228 Elmer Toledo 27:56
8 214 RJ Gavina 30:28
9 226 JohnCuestas 31:32
10 210 Edsel Enriquez 32:19
11 209 Mike Logico 32:48
12 221 Harold Lorete 33:04
13 217 Raymond Alcantara 37:07
14 225 Gerda Summerian Cuestas (F) 39:10
15 215 David Drilon 40:02
16 219 Loreta Llamado (F) 41:50
17 203 Michael Galas 41:52
Rank Bib # Name Time
1 212 Fernan Recopuerto 22:23
2 224 Michael Mendoza 23:38
3 211 Archie Salmone 25:06
4 206 Robert Alvarez 25:12
5 208 Noel Dimabuyu 25:14
6 229 Ben Silva 26:55
7 220 Jessie Llarena 29:57
8 207 Carl Balagot 30:59
9 230 Mark Arroyo 32:43
10 213 Takumi Reyes 40:07
11 216 Rexie Saldivar (F) 44:26

Podium Finishers (1, 2 & 3) for the Men’s and Ladies Categories for each Barefoot and Minimalist Events may now claim their respective VFF Prize/VFF Shoes from Cherry Ermita at cellphone #0917-807-0330 or send an e-mail at Please use these results as your reference.

Whether we have 10 or less runners for this event (and rain or shine), we will continue the effort to sustain this endeavor in order to promote barefoot/minimalist running.

Once again, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the continued support of Carlos Abad & Cherry Ermita of VFF (Vibram Five Fingers) Philippines; A Runners Circle Philippines Specialty Store; FrontRunner Magazine; Mike Logico and the Barefoot Running Philippines; and the Philippine Army.

Start Of The 6K Run
Mike Logico of BFR Philippines. Nice Shirt!!!
Vibram Five Fingers' Runner!
Champion: Barefoot Runner

Note: Photos Courtesy of John “Jepoy” Avellanosa


Result: 1st BR’s Barefoot 3.2K (2-Mile) Run

1st Bald Runner’s Barefoot 3.2K (2-Mile) Run

Philippine Army Grandstand & Parade Ground

4:30 PM August 6, 2011

1 Jonathan Ronquillo 13:00
2 Eric Talagtag 13:32
3 Jun Javier 13:33
4 Randy Rubio 13:35
5 Joven Gementiza 13:57
6 Ryan Moral 14:18
7 Tomas Soliven 14:25
8 Frederick Quitiquit 14:27
9 Graciano Santos 14:36
10 Elmar Tolete 14:44
11 Raffy Cabotero 15:09
12 Ranel Espinosa 15:17
13 Timothy Taburico 15:19
14 Erwin Ordonez 15:41
15 Ronaldo Salupas 15:48
16 John Fabreag 16:20
17 Rodel Montejo 16:35
18 Roberto Delos Santos 16:48
19 Jeje Ajusto 16:56
20 Ronnel Go 17:01
21 Jayson Bustamante 17:05
22 Michael Santos 17:10
23 Mike Logico 17:12
24 Jojo Pauly 17:15
25 Pancho Samonte, Jr. 17:30
26 Felix Cordero 17:31
27 Russel Ranay 17:57
28 Emmanuel Del Valle 18:17
29 Mark Alano 18:24
30 Aileen Mamat (F) 18:55
31 Pam Basilio (F) 18:58
32 Harold Lorete 19:13
33 Maxel Flores 19:23
34 Daves Espiya 19:26
35 Jun Oro 19:27
36 Mark Gallardo 19:44
37 William Jalimao 19:54
38 Paul Pajo 19:55
39 Dave Drilon 19:59
40 JP De La Paz 20:19
41 Aquiz Minlay 20:24
42 James Rafalle 20:26
43 Dennis Quepe 20:29
44 Marc Philip Ellazo 20:42
45 Gerald Austria 20:44
46 Jonathan Nava 21:20
47 Nancy Brazil (F) 21:27
48 Carlo Araa 21:29
49 Genesis Senorin (F) 21:31
50 Tina Deray (F) 21:32
51 Glo Labao (F) 21:33
52 Teresa Nabutas (F) 21:44
53 Celso De Leon 21:45
54 Wesley Orana 21:47
55 Jimmy Ong 21:49
56 Adrian Cardenas 21:53
57 Roselle Dadal (F) 21:57
58 Lavern Macuja (F) 21:59
59 Roberto Labaniego 22:02
60 Millette Rances (F) 22:29
61 Michelle Garcia (F) 22:33
62 Lester Abrenica 22:35
63 Rexie June Saldivar (F) 22:40
64 Melanie Racoma (F) 23:00
65 Joey Divino 23:31
66 Francis Chua 23:37
67 Annie Ranay (F) 23:48
68 Lolit Barbin (F) 23:53
69 Dianne Alano (F) 23:54
70 Faye Ortega (F) 23:55
71 Irhys Piacos (F) 23:56
72 Aileen Piacos (F) 12:04
73 Pamela Mangampo (F) 24:11
74 Lea Aspili (F) 24:14.22
75 Ma. Vanessa Flores (F) 24:14.76
76 Violeta Flores (F) 24:46
77 Lina Odo (F) 24:52
78 Mackis Primalte (F) 26:20
79 Gary Chua 26:27
80 Beth Rosal (F) 26:31
81 Francis Coles 26:32
82 Michael Galas 27:41
83 Jeans Cequina (F) 28:18
84 Jet Paiso 28:28
85 Christopher Montaos 28:45
86 Malou Ajusto (F) 31:27
87 Odie Cacho (F) 31:31
88 Roden Cardeno 31:45

1st BR’s Barefoot 3.2K (2-Mile) Run

I am not a fan and practitioner of Barefoot Running. And I am not a member of any group or asssociation that promotes barefoot running in the country.

I read the book “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall upon its release to the public when I was in the United States almost 3 years ago but it was just a part of my reading activities. I was amused by the dedication and passion of Caballo Blanco to live with the Tarahumara tribe in North Central Mexico’s Copper Canyon Mountains by coming up with a yearly ultra trail race within the community and at the same time being able to help on the welfare of the said tribe.

However, I was surprised that because of this book, it created a “niche” of minimalist shoes production from popular brands and influenced a lot of runners to shift to “minimalist” running or barefoot running. I am not yet into this but I was already using road racing shoes which technically considered as “minimalist” running shoes.

After experiencing injuries which most often occur on my calf muscles/lower leg, I slowly included barefoot running as part of my recovery process with the hope to strengthen my lower legs’ muscles and ligaments, most especially for those ones which are not reached by “cross-friction” manipulations through massage/therapy. After a 25-lap run on an oval track, I usually run/jog/walk on barefoot for four laps as my cool-down workout. In some instances, I would simply walk on the ground for about 15 minutes every day. These simple “after workout/cool-down” barefoot “stuff” could be the reason why my recovery from my lower leg injury was faster than what I’ve expected. But I never tried running barefoot on asphalt or cemented road.

So, what made me think of coming up with this running event called, “1st BR’s Barefoot 3.2K (2-Mile) Run” to the running community of the Philippines? The answer is very simple…Because NOBODY is doing anything about it.

I thought of this event while I was starting to adopt to my new training workout based on my heart rate during the last days of my stay in the US. While waiting for my connecting flight in San Francisco International Airport back to the Manila on July 9, I created an Event Page on my Facebook Wall and turned off my laptop computer. As soon as I arrived in Manila, I was surprised to see a very positive response from the runners as soon as I saw the update on my Event Page and the rest is history!

However, for the past weeks and days, I don’t see any positive response from the so-called “minimalist” shoe brand “corporates” who are promoting this kind of running. I simply asked them for me to meet their “Big Boss” in person! “Big Boss” would mean their CEO, President, or Regional Brand Manager. I don’t need to meet their mid-level/department heads due to unfavorable experiences in the past. (I don’t want to recall and post in this blog how these people would transact some arrangements with me on matters about running)

With or without corporate sponsorship, the event will go on. Fortunately, a group called “Barefoot Running Philippines” came forward to support and help in the conduct of this event. Lt Col Mike Logico of the Philippine Army, one of the Administrators of the Barefoot Running Philippines and a “hardcore” barefoot runner, volunteered to assist me in the administrative and logistics needs as the event will be conducted at the Philippine Army’s Grandstand and Parade Ground on August 6 at 4:00 PM.

The registration is on site until 30 minutes before the start of the 3.2K run. The registration fee is Fifty Pesos Only (P 50.00). Runners will run 3 times along the 1-K loop on the said facility/area which has a mixture of asphalted and cemented road. Top 3 in the Overall (Open) Category and Top 3 in the Ladies Category will receive the BR’s Medallion.

This event will be done on a monthly basis with the next event to be conducted inside Camp Aguinaldo. We hope to come up with a 5K Barefoot Run/Walk.

In making this event as part in the history of running in the Philippines, I would like to thank and express my gratitude to Lt Col Mike Logico; the Philippine Army’s Headquarters & Headquarters Service Group and ASCOM’s Special Service Unit; and to the Barefoot Running Philippines.

See you this coming Saturday afternoon. Have fun! Kick off your running shoes and let us “tickle and burn” our feet on the paved ground! Walking barefoot is allowed, too!

BR's Barefoot 3.2K (2-Mile) Run Route (Courtesy of Lt Col Mike Logico)


That is a total of 24 Minutes of Jogging & Walking which I did early this morning!

Exactly a month ago, I had an injury on my left calf muscle that made me completely out from running. It was a “blessing in disguise” to force my body to take a break for a much-needed rest and recovery after 11 months of marathon and ultramarathon races. Continue reading “8+8+8”