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4 11 2011

This is not a joke but it is nice to start something new. Starting on my fifth year, I will be featuring pictures of me in my running attire and who knows other runners will be featured in this blog in their favorite “running kits”, too!

Very Loose and Relaxed Attire Good For 5K

Running Cap by ASICS

Sunglass by Oakley (Asian Fit)

White T-shirt From A Runner’s Circle (Los Angeles)

ADIDAS Soccer Shorts (without panty-liner, no pockets and very light!)

Running Socks by Drymax

Shoes: ASICS Gel-LyteRacer (Japan)

Watches: TIMEX With HR Monitor & Garmin Forerunner 305

You have to excuse me for being an amateur in my picture as this was taken from the self-timer of my old Canon IXUS Digital Camera with the backyard of our house in Los Angeles. I hope things will improve on the quality of the pictures to be published in the future posts.

Yes, this is a copycat of the popular “The Sartorialist” which is now considered as a multi-million dollar worth fashion blog in the Internet. I am not saying that this blog will be after the concept of showing pictures of runners with the ultimate purpose of raising some money. But who knows? This could be another option where one can raise funds to support our elite runners for international exposure. There is only one way to find out but to start and take the first step, so to speak!

Next time, the published pictures will just be pictures without any description. And there will be NO make-up or “photoshop” refinement of each picture. The more you are messed up with your sweat, the better!

If you can not make it with speed, finish your race and flaunt your nice running apparel!

Who will be the next model? You can  make a comment in this post if you are interested.

Good luck to those who will be joining the 2012 New York City Marathon this Sunday! Run Happy!

177 Days: Adidas 21K @ 1:48:55 Hours

11 10 2008

After running 13+K yesterday morning, I treated this 21K run this morning as one of my weekend long runs and I did not expect much to get a better time and I kept into my mind to have fun and enjoy the run. There was no massage this time two days or one day before the race as I was busy with my running workouts and meeting people for the past days.

I woke up at 3:45 AM today after going to bed before 8:00 PM last night. I did the usual ritual before the race and I was out of my place at 4:35 AM with a plan to make some warm-up and stretching near the starting area. After 10 minutes, I was already near the assembly area as the starting line was totally different place from the previous races in the past. After stretching, I entered the “corral” for the 21 K runners at least 5 minutes before the start time. While waiting for the gun to fire, I met my visitors to this blog and the officers and men from the Philippine Army. We were at least 5 meters from the front runners and busy talking with my former officers and men. Suddenly, the gun was fired and we were off for the 21K race. Based from the data I got from my GF 305, the race started 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the race and it showed a good sign for an outstanding race. Read the rest of this entry »

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