“Babies” In Running?

A guy in white compression long-sleeved shirt and black compression shorts entered the race processing area and tried to look around and see if the people around are familiar to him. Our eyes met and he smiled.

He approached me while I was waiting for the other runners to arrive in the designated area for the processing of participants in the 1st PAU National Championships in Guimaras. He reached out with his hand and we had a handshake. And we immediately went on a conversation mode as we got to sit on our own chairs.

Our conversation went this way (Note: The conversation was in Pilipino/Tagalog and I have it translated to English):

Runner: So, I’ve finally met in person the Bald Runner

BR: Oh, thank you! Nice to meet you, too!

Runner: I am Demosthenes Limbaga and a resident of Guimaras. I am the contact person of runners and cyclists from neighboring islands who would like to do their workouts here in Guimaras.

BR: So, you must be very popular here! You are also a photographer and a fit athlete? (I’ve seen him sporting a SLR Camera with a pair of sports sunglasses)

Runner: Yes, I try to document the athletes who are practicing their sports here in Guimaras.

BR: How long have you been running? Also an ultrarunner?

Runner: I’ve been an athlete of the Project Gintong Alay during the time of former President Marcos and I was a middle distance runner then. Through the years, I continued to be a long distance runner and I am proud that I am only the ultra runner who is from this island.

BR: That’s good! So, maybe we are at the same age.

Runner: I am 57 years old

BR: Oh? I am 60 years old and a Senior Citizen. But I think you are a stronger runner than me.

Runner: I am glad you brought the Ultrarunning National Championship here in Guimaras so that the “Babies” will have a taste of the REAL long distance running.

BR: What “Babies” are you talking about?

Runner: “Babies” are those runners who would be asking and looking for Water Aid Station every one or two kilometers during the race.

BR: Ah..you mean “newbie” runners?

Runner: No, these are the runners who have not yet experienced finishing an ultra distance race.

BR: Ha! Ha! Ha! So, you are a bad ass ultra runner and a hardcore one!

Runner: Yes, you can call me anything as long as I am not a “baby” in long distance running.

BR: (Change Topic!) It seems you have all your toe nails painted with nice, dark & shiny nail polish.

Runner: Oh, yes! I’ve painted them all with nail polish to hide my dead toe nails!

BR: Very impressive. I might as well adopt your style so that I can hide also my dead toe nails! Oh, can I have your bank deposit slip so that my staff can process you already.

Runner: (He gave me his receipt). Please mention my name to the Governor  that I am only the runner from Guimaras joining this ultra race.

BR: Of course! I will see to it that your name will be mentioned to the good Governor!

Runner: Thank you, General!

The guy finished #12 among the 110K Finishers with a finish time of 14:24:05 hours.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Congratulations, Demosthenes!

Demosthenes Limbaga of Guimaras Placing #12 in the 1st PAU National Championship 110K Ultra Marathon Race.

(Note: Photo Courtesy of J. Avellanosa Photography)

Rules & Regulations: 1st PAU National Championship/Guimaras

Rules and Regulations: 1st PAU National Championship/September 15, 2012/Guimaras

1. Runners will assemble in front of the Provincial Capitol of Guimaras at 11:00 PM of September 14,    2012 (Friday) for final    processing and for additional administrative announcements.

  1. The race starts at 12:01 AM of September 15, 2012 (Saturday) in front of the Provincial Capitol in Barangay San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras.
  2. The PAU National Championship Ultramarathon Races consist of two (2) races which are both SOLO Runs. The run around the island has a distance of 110 Kilometers and the shorter distance will be a 50K run. Both races will start at the same time and will follow the same general direction of the route.
  3. The race will follow a Counter-Clockwise direction in running around the island. Runners will go South direction with Nueva Valencia as the first town to reach, then to Sibunag-San Lorenzo-Buenavista-Jordan. The 50K runners will finish at a designated point in Sibunag/San Lorenzo area. All runners will be passing along the Circumferential Road of the Island Province.
  4. Always stay on the LEFT side of the road facing the incoming traffic.
  5. Runners should always run/walk on SINGLE FILE on the left side of the road.
  6. There will be NO Pacers for these races. NO Bandits will be allowed.
  7. Runners shall have the option to be assisted with support vehicle or on self-support mode. There will be Mobile Aid Stations along the route which will “leap-frog” every 5-8 kilometers or shorter, depending on the range of distance from the leading and last runners. These Mobile Aid Stations could also be made as repository for Drop Bags of the Runners.
  8. Only 4-wheeled vehicles are allowed as support vehicles. Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Tricycles are NOT allowed as Support Vehicles.
  9. Runners will provide his/her own Hydration Belt/System as we will not be allowing the use of plastic or Styrofoam cups.
  10. The Mobile Aid Stations will have Water, Gatorade, Soda, Boiled Eggs, Boiled Bananas, and other Bite Foods available in the locality. Runners are still encouraged to bring Cash with them as there are barangays and populated areas that could offer eateries and sari-sari stores along the way.
  11. Runners are also encouraged to bring with them Headlight/Flashlight; First Aid Kit; Reflectorized Vest/Reflectorized      Tapes and Cellphone. These items will be inspected before the start of the run. The First Aid Kit should have enough cotton, sanitary gauze, medical adhesive tape, betadyne/iodine, and anti-biotic ointment. This will serve as temporary treatment of wounds/injury prior to the arrival of medical ambulance.
  12. There will be Road Marshalls on key intersection points along the route. Road Marshalls shall provide direction and at the same time will act as Checkpoints for Runners. Runners must be able TO MEMORIZE his/her Race Bib Number as the Road Marshalls shall be asking each runner’s Race Bib Number as he/she passes such Checkpoint.
  13. Race Bib shall be worn and always visible on the FRONT of the runner’s apparel.
  14. Cut-off time for the PAU 110K Race is 24 hours. The cut-off time for the PAU 50K Race is 11 Hours. Runners who will cross the finish line beyond these cut-off times will be declared Did Not Finish (DNF).
  15. Podium Finishers (1, 2, & 3 for the Men & Ladies) for each Race will receive Individual Trophies. Official Finishers will receive PAU Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, and the 1st PAU National Championship Finisher’s Certificate. Rankings will earn points for the PAU Runner of the Year Award for 2012.
  16. Drop Bags are allowed but they should be properly tagged with the NAME & RACE NUMBER of the runner. It is the responsibility of the runner to properly identify his/her drop bag and know the description of the vehicle where the drop bags are deposited.
  17. MP3s, IPods, and other devices with earphones are allowed. However, the volume should be moderate where one could still be alert and attentive on the sounds of incoming traffic and the barking of dogs. Expect the presence of dogs in populated areas along the route, most especially during night time. In case of dog attack, immediately stop and pick up anything on the ground which you can throw towards the animal or immediately point/focus your headlight/flashlight to the barking dog.
  18. Trekking Poles or Walking sticks are allowed but not mandatory.
  19. In case of emergency or report of not being able to continue the race, please report by calling or sending a text message to Cell phone # 0918-965-9895. Please state your name, race bib number, location, and reason of emergency/not being able to continue the race.
  20. SHIR-VET Hotel (near the Provincial Capitol) is the official base of the Secretariat. If you will be arriving on Thursday or Friday (daytime) in Jordan, Guimaras, you can pick-up your Race Packet and sign the Waiver by presenting to our staff your BPI Savings Deposit Slip Receipt. (Note: Remember to bring the Receipt as we are going to collect them). The GALVEZ Eatery/Restaurant located in front of the Provincial Capitol Complex will also serve as our Alternate Base for the processing of runners.
  21. Any violation and other Infraction of these Rules & Regulations shall be ground/reason for Disqualification in the Race. The decision of the Race Organizer/Director is Final.
  22. Let us maintain the Integrity of our PAU Races. Ultrarunners are NOT cheaters!