Rules & Regulations: 1st West Coast 200K Single Stage (WC200SS) Ultra Marathon Race

The following are the Rules & Regulations and Additional Information on the conduct of the 1st West Coast 200K Single Stage Ultra Marathon Race on November 1-3, 2013:

1. WEST COAST 200K Single Stage (WC200SS) is a single-stage solo run which will start o/a 5:00 AM of November 1, 2013 at the Remy Field Oval Track in Subic Freeport (Olongapo City) and ends o/a 5:00 AM of November 3, 2013 at the Port of Barangay Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan.

2. This is a SOLO run. Runners will run along the Olongapo-Alaminos Highway covering a distance of 200 kilometers. All runner-participants has the option to join as an unsupported or supported. A supported runner can avail of a support vehicle and support crew. An unsupported runner will be on his own as he/she can avail of convenience stores & eateries along the route.

3. Pacer/s are not allowed.

4. Runners should ALWAYS run on SINGLE FILE. Running abreast with other runner-participants will not be allowed. This is a cause for disqualification.

5. Runners should always stay on the farthest left side of the road facing the incoming traffic. The race route is an Open Road and the runners shall share the road with other vehicles. Be always vigilant on your surroundings and be alert on the vehicles in front and behind each runner.

6. A runner-participant is limited to only ONE support vehicle. However, a support vehicle can support a maximum of three (3) runner-participants.

7. Support vehicles should always park on the far RIGHT side of the Highway/Road. A runner will be disqualified if his/her support vehicle is parked on the Left side of the Highway. Support Vehicles shall not be allowed to “shadow” their runner. Only four-wheeled vehicles are allowed as support vehicles.

8. Runners will not be allowed to enter their parked Support Vehicle once the Race starts. Runners should bring a stool or portable chair or folding bed positioned outside their support vehicle (within the view of other runners & roving marshals) if they intend to sit or lie down. Runners will not be allowed to sit or lie on any part of their support vehicle.

9. Runners are required to display a piece of tarpaulin with the words “RACE IN PROGRESS” on any side of their Support Vehicle. Race Organizer will not provide such tarpaulin.

10. Only the NAME of Running Group or Team’s Name of the Runner will be displayed on the runner’s Support Vehicle.

11. Corporate Brands will not be allowed to be displayed on the runner’s Support Vehicle.

12. Runners with Support Vehicle must submit to the Race Secretariat the Type & Make/Model of Vehicle; Color; Number of Support Crew and Plate Number.

13. The prescribed cut-off time for the race is 48 hours. However, there will be intermediate cut-off times along the route on the following checkpoints:

Kilometer #40——7 Hours

Kilometer #80——15 Hours

Kilometer #100—–22 Hours

Kilometer #140—–32 Hours

Kilometer #180—–42 Hours

Kilometer #200—–48 Hours

14. Podium Finishers’ Awards/Trophies will be given to the Top 3 Male & Top 3 Female. Official Finishers (Finishers within the Cut-off time) will be awarded with a Finisher’s Belt Buckle, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s T-Shirt, and Certificate. Corresponding Award Points for the 2013 PAU Runner of the Year will also be awarded.

15. A runner is declared DNF once he/she could NOT cross each checkpoint within the prescribed cut-off time. The runner will not be allowed to run the course once he/she is declared DNF in the race.

16. In case of emergency and/or reports of DNF, the runner or support crew should contact Cellphone # 0918-965-9895 and provide the following information: Name of the Runner; Race Bib Number; Location of the Runner; and Nature of Emergency or Reason For Declaring as DNF.

17. There will be NO Aid Stations along the route. NO Drop Bags will be allowed.

18. It is mandatory for every runner to have his/her hydration system; headlight/lighting system; reflectorized vest; and first-aid kit. These items will be inspected before the start of the race. Unsupported runners must bring with them a cellphone.

19. Registered runners are advised to bring their BPI Deposit Slip to the Starting Area on Race Day and this will be used to redeem their Race Packet/Race Bib.

20. Each of the Municipal Plaza in Botolan, Zambales (Km #70) & Infanta, Pangasinan  (Km #140) has a Covered Court (with Comfort/Bath Rooms) and Lawn Area where runners could sleep/rest and take a bath. Please don’t litter on these areas.

21. This is the FIRST 200K Run under the auspices of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU) to be held in the country. Let us maintain the INTEGRITY of this run and be proud to be a participant and much more if you intend to finish the event.

22. It is the responsibility of the runner-participant to inform, advise, and instruct his/her designated support vehicle DRIVER and SUPPORT CREW on the Rules & Regulations of this Event.

23. Runners are reminded of the presence of dogs along the course. Take precautionary measures in dealing with them.

24. Runners are also reminded to talk politely to the locals and greet them as you pass them. There will be a lot of people and vehicles on the cemeteries along the road as the days of the event are declared as “Public Holidays” to honor the dead.

Good luck and have fun!

Finisher's Belt Buckle
Finisher’s Belt Buckle

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