Official Result: 1st FKT @ Taklang Damulag

After finishing a 10K Race inside the Fort Magsaysay Complex yesterday morning (Saturday), I invited ultrarunners who joined this race for the 1st Official Fastest Known Time (FKT) Run at Taklang Damulag. The FKT Race started at the Fernandez Hill up to the peak of Taklang Damulag and back to the Starting Line/Area. The race covered a distance of almost 6.3 kilometers.

FKT RD With TD On The Background

Five (5) runners joined the event and the following was the result;

1. Danin Arenzana—–   59:32 minutes (CR)

2. Ronnel Go———– 1:03:20 hours

3. Bong Alindada—— 1:04:55 hours

4. Mar Marilag——— 1:12:46 hours

5. Stephanie Hefti (F)- 1:13:25 hours (Lady, CR)

The 1st FKT Runners @ Taklang Damulag
FKT Runners In Action From The Starting Area
Danin Arenzana Reaching The Finish Line
Ronnel Go aka Kampuger
Bong Alindada Approaching The Finish Line
Coach Mar Marilag
Stephanie Hefti, Lady Course Record Holder!

Prize/Award For All The Finishers—–Lunch @ Fernandez Hill!

….and Halo-Halo @ RAZON’s Caltex Metro Rest Area, NLEX

More of this kind of running event will be conducted soon!

See you at the Starting Line!


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