Olympic Fever? Who Cares?

I am not sure if there is “Olympic Fever” among the Filipinos now that the 2012 London Olympic Games have just started. Well, after the awesome entertainment during the the Opening Ceremony, we will just wait for our athletes to come home without any Olympic Medal (again!).

Can You Decipher It? London Olympic Games LOGO

For me, I am not that interested to find out when is the schedule of each of the 11 qualified Pinoy athletes to competes in their respective discipline. It does not mean that I don’t support our RP Team but I would prefer to be running on the roads and trails in the mountains to maintain my fitness level.

Olympic Logo Hanging Inside A Shopping Mall

In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we sent 15 qualified Pinoy athletes where we rooted so much on boxing, taekwando, swimming, and athletics. Well, the result was the same, NO Gold Medal and there are lots of “fingerpointing” as to who should be blamed for the dismal performance of our athletes. NOBODY took the responsibility of our performance and within the next four years nothing happened! Everything was ALL TALK but NO ACTION.

There had been an election for the new leadership of the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) immediately after the 2008 Olympic Games but it became too dirty and political that it caused divisiveness among the different NSA leaders/heads.

We moved on and we prepared for the Southeast Asian Games but sad to say, we did not improve in the 2009 & 2011 editions despite the fact that almost all the NSAs “vision” is geared towards more medal haul in these games. Predictions of Sports Official on the number of medal haul were too bloated as we ended almost to the bottom of the list of the country participants.

Four years after, we are still in the same shit—fewer qualified athletes (11) for the Olympic Games but I think the delegation of Officials & Coaches/Trainers keep on increasing. I really don’t know if we are rooting for a particular sports this time. Well, I’ve read somewhere that our BMX cycling athlete has the chance to reach the FINALS.

2012 Olympic Games Pinoy Athletes

Since I am into running/athletics, I am not optimistic that our two athletes will ever land as podium finishers in their respective event. Obviously, their ages (31-33 years old) are too old to compete with the best athletes ten years or more, younger than they are.

So, after the 2012 London Olympics, the same shit will happen again—

1. The Senate Committee on Sports will file a resolution for a Senate Hearing and find out the real cause of the debacle. Looking for the scapegoat will be the Game/Sports on The Floor! Hopefully, this will pressure the President to sign the law that will create an Executive Department devoted solely for Sports.

2. Opinion writers, armchair athletes/experts, and average athletes like me will publicly make their own analysis through the media and through the Social Networking world. Of course, we like to make some “noise” hoping that somebody will hear us!

3. Our Sports Officials will make some promises to do this and that just for them to be seen and heard. After a few weeks, everything will be calm and we wait again for the Southeast Asian Games, ASIAN Games, and the 2016 Brazil Olympic Games. In short, there is NO accountability for their failure to improve our sports excellence program.

4. Of course, most of the older generation will again float for the revival of the Project Gintong Alay as the solution of our dismal performance in international sports competition. The Project Gintong Alay had been a time-tested system that had proven to be successful that even China and the rest of the ASIAN countries had copied and implimented. Now, we are the ones trying to copy their system well in fact it originated from us! (Note: It took China almost 30 years for them to develop and progress in Sports Excellence and be the No. 1 in the number of medal haul in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games)

So, what could be the problem why we could not progress in our Sports Excellence Program and be able to win a Gold Medal in the Olympic Games?

Because we LACK the LEADERSHIP that has the POLITICAL WILL to impliment CHANGE & REFORM in our Sports Excellence Program.

This is self-explanatory. I rest my case!

See you at the Starting Line!


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