Picture Of The Week #6


Result: 1st BR’s BEER Mile Run

1st Bald Runner’s BEER Mile Run/June 10, 2012/Rizal High School Oval Track

1 Alfredo Ocampo 8:24
2 Meljohn Tezon 9:44
3 Virgilio Leona 10:10
4 Cesar Abarientos 10:11
5 Graciano Santos 10:14
6 Randy Duenas 10:44
7 Bob Castilla 10:56
8 Victor Ting 11:11
9 Kokoy Delmo 11:47
10 Joey Baladad 11:49
11 Godfrey Gozo 12:44
12 Pjong Dela Paz 12:46
13 Marco Christopher Montaos 12:47
14 Larry Daliwag 12:55
15 Chino Atayde 12:56
16 Samuel Narcise 12:57
17 Dindo Diaz 13:01
18 Sergio Bardol 13:20
19 Mark Anthony Rodica 14:01
20 Benedick Meneses 14:11
21 Joseph Soriao 14:24
22 Gil Ocampo 14:41
23 Bert Camangonan 14:56
24 Imelda Laron (Female) 15:02
25 Frederick Quitiquit 15:12
26 Demesio Mamano 15:53
27 Manolito Anyaya 16:05
28 Chito Carreon 16:49
29 Gerry Geralde 17:23
30 Emil Burgos 18:22
31 Raymund Suarez 18:42
32 Bong Bernadez 18:43
33 Lemuel Narcise 18:59
34 Jeffrey Abenina 19:02
35 David Buban 19:12
36 Jonel Mendoza 19:28
37 Junar Layug 19:57
38 Rico Cabusao 20:07
39 Stephanie Hefti (Female) 20:40
40 Frederick Gabriel 20:52
41 Enrico Caramay 21:40
42 Cindy Sevilla (Female) 22:10
43 Daphne Codilla (Female)  25:26
44 Gene Olvis 26:05
45 Eric Socrates 28:44
46 Vic Viola 30:44
47 Ron Sulapas 31:12

Congratulations to everybody!

Random Thoughts (After TD50)

In the United States, June 6 is declared as their National Running Day. In some of my previous posts in this blog, I mentioned about coming up with the same concept in order for the citizens to adhere to a healthy lifestyle by engaging to any kind of sports. The following was the exact words from my previous post:

“It will take a real “sportsman or sportswoman” among our politicians to think and “lobby” for a “National Sports Week or Month”. There is already a party-list group at the House of Representatives which is called “PBA” (Partido ng Bayaning Atleta) but I am still waiting for them to be heard or seen in our national sports endeavors. Well, this could be a good idea for the PSC and POC to indulge if they are really sincere in discovering new “talents” and developing our sports program in the “grassroots”!”

Those people who are responsible in making or declaring a “National Running Day” for the country will always defend themselves by saying that “there is no need for such day or celebration because runners run everyday”!


I would like to personally thank those who greeted me on my 60th Birthday through Facebook, SMS, e-mail, and telephone calls. Instead of running for 60K, I was contented to run for 60 minutes on my birthday towards the peak of a mountain. There was no party or grand celebration for this day. I was contented  to just pray that I will have more years to enjoy running on the roads and trails. Finally, I got my Senior Citizen’s Card!


Taklang Damulag Ultra Trail Races (TD 100M/50M/50K) will remain to be the most challenging trail running event in the country. It will remain to be a challenge for the hardcore runners. I am proud that the 1st TD 100-Mile Trail Run made those runners who DNFed as stronger, smarter, and faster trail “experts” in their succeeding races here and abroad. It also started a trend of mountain ultra trail runs in the country.


I always IGNORE non-ultrarunners who make their opinion and/or observation about the sports I love and promote. Being the Founder and President of the Philippine Association of Ultrarunners (PAU), I should be the one who should be refuting or arguing the statements of these people. But it would be best if these people will accept my personal invitation to join in next year’s edition of the Bataan Death March 102K Ultra Marathon Race which I will send to them on the 4th week of this month. I think eight (8) months will be enough time for them to prepare and train for such invitation.


I am happy that more marathon runners are slowly “crossing the fence” to the world of ultrarunning. I am happier that more runners are also shifting to trail running. After posting my “peak bagging” adventures, I’ve observed that my ultra running friends and other runners have started to go to the mountains, too! Some of my friends are wondering why I am always “peak bagging/peak hunting” almost every week. Well, the answer is that I am preparing for my next ultra trail run. It could be before the year ends or finally participate in next year’s TNF 100.


I am supposed to join in this Saturday’s San Diego 100-Mile Endurance Run but I missed the on-line registration at Ultra SignUp by a few hours as I did not expect the influx of interested runners. I was surprised that the slots were filled-up as soon as the registration opened. Even if I appealed to the Race Director with an e-mail and FB Personal Message, my request to be included was not granted. Lesson learned: Be fast with your Credit Card and Stick to the Rules and Regulation of the Event!


This site will remain as a running blog. More ultra running events here and abroad will be featured in this blog as more of our local runners are interested to know what is happening in the world of ultrarunning. Actually, some of our runners had been consistently joining ultra trail running events outside the country. Jonnifer Lacanlale, Simon Bolivar, Jael Wenceslao, Paolo Osmena, Garry Garcia had been consistently joining ultra running events outside the country and have been our ultra “ambassadors” to represent our country. I have a prediction that more of our local ultrarunners will be following their footsteps in the years to come.


Starting tomorrow, June 7, BDM 102 Finisher and ultrarunner Mac Milan will be starting his “multi-day adventure run” from Davao City to Cagayan De Oro City covering a distance of 250+ kilometers. He promised me to have his run “journalized” through a blog and will try his best to update us with his running experience. Good luck and have fun, Mac!

2013 BDM 102 Finisher’s Medals

Starting on next year’s 5th edition of the Bataan Death March 102 Ultra Marathon Race, Finisher’s Medals will have a distinction based on the Official Finish Time of each runner-finisher. The Finisher’s Medals will be categorized into GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE.

GOLD BDM 102 Medal will be awarded to the runners who will register a finish time of less than 13 HOURS.

SILVER BDM 102 Medal will be awarded to the runners who will register a finish time of 13 HOURS but less than 16 HOURS.

BRONZE BDM 102 Medal will be awarded to the runners who will register a finish time of 16 HOURS but less than 18 HOURS.

Good luck to all the 2013/5th BDM 102 Ultra Marathon Race applicants.

Official Results: 1st TD 50M/50K/21K Trail Run

1st Taklang Damulag 50-Mile/50K/21K Half-Marathon Trail Run/June 2, 2012/Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija)

(Note: Photo Courtesy of Elaine Botabara)

  TD 50-MILE RUN  
1 Ronald Illana 14:27:22
2 Mary Maureen Baylosis (F) 16:21:06
3 Cenuel Mark Geminiano 16:21:07
4 Sherwin Botabara 18:18:52
5 Bong Alindada 18:19:18
  TD 50-Kilometer Run  
1 Ronnel Go 7:33:37
2 Romulo Doctolero 7:33:38
3 Carmeli Ortega (F) 10:07:25
4 Stephanie Hefti (F) 10:07:27
  TD 21K Half-Marathon  
1 Juvalin Dionisio (F) 6:12:51
2 Mike Jojo Brito 6:35:01
3 Meljohn Tezon 6:40:17