Pinoy Runners’ Result @ 2012 HK 100K

Overall N  A  M  E TIME (Hrs)
98 Raul Lamprea 15:09:34
125 Jucell Laya 15:55:45
171 Kian Vicera 17:45:58
184 Napoleon Dela Torre, Jr 18:13:21
189 Roland Wangwang 18:21:05
261 Joseph Anthony Parcon 19:57:30
288 Marie Anne Constantino 20:26:03
289 Zenon Alejandro Villangco 20:26:04
353 Simon Sandoval 22:25:57
383 Jessie Lou Sulague 23:03:51
414 Carlo Leandro Dino 24:15:13
420 Cheryl Bihag 24:45:38
428 Constante Mendoza, Jr 25:23:53
440 Joel Garganera 25:58:58
444 Alexander Yap 26:13:19
463 Philippe Arenillo 27:48:39

In its first edition last year, 136 runners finished the race out of more than 200 runners who started the race. In this year’s 2nd edition, out of the over 750 registered runners from 28 countries, 511 runners were able to finish the race within the cut-off period of 32 hours. Sixteen (16) of our local Pinoy Runners were able to finish the race despite the cold temperature and lack of familiarity of the trail route. Congratulations to all of them.

For the complete official result of the event, you can visit this link—

2 thoughts on “Pinoy Runners’ Result @ 2012 HK 100K

  1. Sir Jovie, quite an increase of the number of entrants and finishers. Congratulations to everyone who participated and thanks for sharing!


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