Official Result: 2nd Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

2nd Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

5:00 AM September 4, 2011

Sta Juliana, Capas to Crater Lake & Back

Rank Name Time
1 Alfredo Ocampo 6:29:03
2 Rodel Gajol 6:29:05
3 Rayman Delos Angeles 6:34:10
4 Roel Olimba 6:43:07
5 Jerome Lagumbay 7:12:09
6 Jonel Mendoza 8:04:19
7 Godfrey Gozo 8:07:43
8 Ariel Briones 8:15:33
9 Ronel Mondedo 8:19:32
10 Joel Korea 8:20:30
11 Graciano Santos 8:22:10
12 Vergilio Leona 8:32:48
13 Edwin Gajol 8:39:06
14 Randy Rubio 8:40:45
15 Meljohn Tezon 8:50:53
16 Alexander Cenzon 8:55:42
17 Ian Esquilong 8:56:06
18 Angelo Lagumbay 8:57:15
19 Paolo Osmena 8:57:26
20 Andrew Balaaldia 9:13:28
21 Frederick Quitiquit 9:27:14
22 Jay Sabido 9:27:23
23 Samson Ocampo 9:28:28
24 Keshia Fule (F) 9:29:07
25 Toots Moratillo 9:33:33
26 Mark Villafuerte 9:35:38
27 Jael Wenceslao 9:36:15
28 Ronald Yllana 9:44:34
29 Arlito Masamoc 9:52:03
30 Jake Pescador 9:52:04
31 Benedick Meneses 9:59:02
32 Chito Carreon 10:00:51
33 Jazz Paringit 10:04:52
34 Mel Severino 10:10:05
35 Lester Jerome Chuayap 10:10:06
36 Chips Dayrit 10:16:47
37 Gil Ocampo 10:28:00
38 Raul Roco 10:28:24
39 Luke Mark Odon 10:41:19
40 Carl Ocampo 10:41:24
41 Ronaldo Sulapas 10:42:39
42 Ronnel Go 10:49:05
43 Nelson Mallillin 10:49:58
44 Emiliano Burgos 11:07:27
45 Audi Samar 11:09:18
46 Bong Alindada 11:13:49
47 Arman Garcia 11:15:28
48 Sherwin Botabara 11:23:54
49 Ray Batino 11:25:24
50 Robert Reyes 11:28:36
51 Maria Angela Stefanie Hefti (F) 11:28:38
52 Conrado Teodoro 11:28:45
53 Orlando Ylana 11:46:35
54 Philippe Arenillo 11:55:42
55 Bien Soberano 12:04:43
56 Zaldy Santillan 12:09:27
57 Garry Garcia 12:39:49

A total of 66 trail runners started the race with 9 participants declared as DNF. Congratulations to everybody for having the courage to join this trail running event. The stories and experiences of the runners will prove that this event is considered as the “toughest and most challenging” trail run in the country today. That is why it will remain as a CHALLENGE to everybody.

Congratulations to the Podium Finishers and to all the runners who braved the “sudden landslides” of lahar mountains; scorching heat of the sun in the early morning; heat from the lahar sand at mid-noon and early afternoon; more number of water crossings from wider rivers with flowing sands; strong downpour of rain in the afternoon; bigger and slippery rocks along the route; quicksands; and “flush flood” from the rivers.

For those who DNFed and got “temporarily lost” during the race, you still have a chance to redeem and improve your times for the next edition of the race.

See you next year!!!


10 thoughts on “Official Result: 2nd Mt Pinatubo 50K Trail Challenge

  1. why do i like doing the pinatubo 50k trail? why do i keep coming back for more?

    this is my 4th so far.

    because the conditions change every year and no matter what preparations one does, there is always something new that the route offers. nothing constant and there lies the challenge. and i like the way how participants are almost left alone to fend for themselves. it keeps the mind challenged,active and alert. wondering what lies around the next bend.

    and did i say that this was my first-ever ultra run?

    can’t help but fall in love with the pinatubo 50k trail challenge.

    see you next year. same place, different stuff for sure.


  2. Thanks for the opportunity sir. This is a milestone for me..
    -first trail run and race
    -first time to visit Pinatubo crater lake
    -first time to climb a volcano
    -fist ultra trail run

    As I’ve said to my Kamote teammates, it was INSANELY enjoyable 🙂

    Looking forward to redeem myself (from MY stupid mistake that’s why WE got lost on the way back) on next year’s edition.


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