1 Million Hits

Last Tuesday, August 30, 2011, my blog registered its 1,000,000th-hit, for a duration of 3 years and 10 months of consistently writing about running. I emphasized the word “consistent” because it’s the most important description for a person to improve in his running or in his/her pursuit to improve in any kind of endurance sports. It is also best described on my ability to share my journal, experiences, training, and readings about running through regular posting in this blog.

I could not quantitatively measure the impact and contribution of this blog to the present “running boom” in the country but I am sure that this blog has a group of avid followers that are inspired to go out of their way to experience what is like to be running on the road, oval track and on the trails. I hope these readers would be able to share this blog to “newbies” and spread the “good news” about running.

This blog will continue to be simple and void of any commercialism of any brand or corporate endorsement. I will continue to feature my running needs and equipment  which I think would make my running more enjoyable and fun.

In addition to running events up to marathon distance, this blog will consistently promote ultra marathon or ultra running through the BDM Races and PAU Events whether on paved roads or trails.

To all my readers, thank you very much for having your time to read and browse on whatever things I want to write on this blog.

The Bald Runner will remain to be your “partner & companion” in running! Onward to my 2,000,000th-hit!


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