Even if my Garmin Forerunner 305 has Interval Workout
feature which up to now I don’t really even know how it is operated, I still
bought a Gymboss which I could easily clip on my running shorts or gym workout
pants or just simply place it on a table or any part of the room if I want to
use it.

While I was visiting the ARC Store in Manila last April, I
was trying to look for a pedometer or any gadget that would count my steps/cadence
while walking/hiking or running. Instead of looking for one, my eyes caught the
colorful Gymboss gadget displayed on one of the walls of the store. I
immediately lifted one of the units and tried to read the instructions on how
to use it.

Such visit in the said store ended buying a silver colored
Gymboss with a price of P 1,275.00. You might be surprised why I bought this
small gadget impulsively and without any hesitation.

An Exact Replica of my GYMBOSS

The main reason why I bought the Gymboss was to use it in my
“Tabata” workouts for push-ups, sit-ups, strengthening workouts (yoga and
pilates) and dumdbell exercises at home.

Anyone can easily operate the Gymboss by selecting the
times/periods involved in my Tabata workouts to include the time of the
exercise, time of rest in-between exercise, the number of frequency, and the
selection whether you prefer a beep sound or vibration mode for the start and
end of every interval.

To give you an example of what I’ve been doing in my Tabata
workouts—I set the Gymboss for a duration of 40 seconds for me to do any kind
of exercise (push-ups, sit-ups, yoga/pilates pose, or strengthening exercises
using the dumdbell or any weight machine) and then set one-half of the duration
of my exercise as my rest interval which is 20 seconds. As a minimum of set of
intervals, I set 20 times which take exactly 20 minutes to do one set or cycle
of my exercises. In between intervals, the Gymboss would beep to warn the user
that it is the end/start of an interval period.

For almost three months, I’ve been using the Gymboss
purposely for my Tabata workouts and later for my daily 10-minute squat workout.
But it can be used also for running and cycling.

In running, one can use it for speed interval workouts at
the oval track and also with the Jeff Galloway method of running where one
could set the period of running and walking on interval mode.

GYMBOSS For Jeff Galloway's Running Method

In cycling, the Gymboss can be used in interval workouts in
actual road cycling and on stationary bike if you want spinning workouts.

I highly recommend GYMBOSS to any endurance athlete.
Hopefully, ARC Manila has still stock available for everybody interested to own
this gadget.


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