“West To East”: Conversation With Mang Ador

Conversation With Mang Ador: (As I entered a Beach Resort Compound. An old guy, whom he introduced later as Mang Ador, was sitting on a stool while I was still inside the vehicle)

BR:  Manong, Yan na ditoy ti Administration Office yo? (Where is your Admistration Office?)

Mang Ador: Apay, Apo (Why, Sir?)

BR: Saludsudek koma no mabalin ti ag-check-in ditoy. (Would like to ask if it possible to check-in here)

Mang Ador: Wen, mabalin. Siak ti Manager ditoy. (Yes, you can check-in. I am the Manager here)

BR: Mano ti ibayad ko, Manong? (How much will I pay?)

Mang Ador: Two Thousand Pesos ti maysa a Cottage nga mabalin ti uppat a tao. (P2,000 per cottage which is good for 4 persons)

BR: Awan ti tawar na? (Any discount?)

Mang Ador: Kitam pay nga umuna san to agsarita ta. Diay ti cottage yo. Mabalin kayo nga ag-park diay abay na. (Please look at it first before we could talk on the price. There is your cottage (pointing at the cottage. You can bring your car and park thereat)

The cottage has a tiled and clean veranda that I had to walk barefoot on it and the room which elevated is clean. I said, “Cool”, this place is nice. It has a place where the occupants can cook and a bamboo dining was also there with plastic chairs.

My haggling for the price ended up to P 1,800.00 when I told him that I will be leaving the place before 6:00 AM the following morning. (I guess, he was able to glance at my “Bull Ring”! hehehe!). After paying him, I requested Mang Ador to cook for us our Rice for our dinner which he charged us with P50.00.

Our conversation resumed as I tried to get more information about the place. Still talking in Ilocano but I have to translate the conversation in this post to English.

BR: Who owns this place?

Mang Ador: He is a foreigner, from Sweden!

BR: A Swedish? I am sure he is married to a Filipina from this place.

Mang Ador (MA): Yes, you are right.

BR: How did you end up as the Manager of this place?

MA: I was the one who endorsed this place for the Swedish and his wife to buy as they had been looking for a place where they could develop a beach resort.

BR: So, you were the realtor of this place before it was purchased. How much was your “commission”?

MA: I did not get any commission but the wife told me that she and her husband would designate and assign me as the “Manager For Life” and my family would stay with me here in the place.

BR: Wow! Cool! That’s the best deal.

MA: Yes, money could just be spent in a few weeks or months but the future of my family is already settled.

BR: So, your wife and children are the ones that maintain and secure this place.

MA: My wife died already. And I am happy that I have 8 children who are helping me here.

BR: Did you marry again?

MA: Never. But I have a girlfriend!

BR: A-ha! I guess, she could be half of your age, Mang Ador?

MA: No, she is old already. (I found out later that the girlfriend is 42 years old)

BR: By the way, how old are you, Mang Ador?

MA: 68

BR: 68? You look young and strong with such age.

Mang Ador smiled at me.

BR: How much do you receive as your pay/allowance being the Manager? And do your children receive also some Pay/Allowance?

MA: I receive a monthly pay of P7,000 and my children who work here receive P3,500 each per month.

BR: How I wish I could stay in those more expensive Beach Resorts up ahead but I just need a place to sleep overnight and your place fits my needs.

MA: Oh, those places are very expensive! One regular room will cost you P4,500.

BR: Well, maybe next time, I would be able to see those places.

But at the back of my mind, this particular place will be a place where I could visit again because of Mang Ador’s hospitality and honesty. There’s no fancy and 5-star service and ambiance of the place but if you want a quiet and relaxing place along the beach of Bolinao, this place is highly recommended. This is a nice place where I could write a book. (Do I sound like Journeying James here? Hahaha!)

At 5:45 AM the following morning, I left the place and started my run. It was still dark and Mang Ador was still sleeping soundly knowing that he guarded us the whole night while we were sleeping. It was one of his sons who unlocked those padlocks on the gate of the compound when we finally left the place.

Mang Ador would never know that I was in his place to start another Running Adventure. But knowing that there are great people in the province who are satisfied to be staying in the province with a peaceful environment, clean air, fresh food, and willing to give service to visitors, this is something that we are proud of. Living in the province is better than living in a stressful city/urban environment and I could see on the happy face of Mang Ador.

The name of the place is COCOS Beach Resort! Look for Mang Ador and this guy is great! And the place is great, too!

Ooppps! Let us go back to running…

To be continued.


3 thoughts on ““West To East”: Conversation With Mang Ador

  1. Joe Saley

    BR, One of your fans here in NJ. Wishing you the best in your West to East Adventure Run. Thanks to your blog site. We are like with you in all your quests. I was there last month at the Condura Skyway 1/2 Marathon. Had I known you were there, would have loved to meet you in person. Again, thanks so much for sharing all your experiences & aspirations to us your fellow runners. Good luck, take care and God bless for people like you. Dios ti ag-ngina. Kabsat mo nga taga Benguet Prov. Joe Saley


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