“West To East”: 1st Day (Unedited)

(Note: The Internet connection in Western Pangasinan is weak or it might be the signal of my SmartBRO is the culprit.)

From Manila, my support crew and I travelled to Bolinao, Pangasinan at noontime and were able to reach the place at 4:30 PM after an easy cruising speed on the road. A brief tour of the small town followed where we tried to find a place to rest and sleep for overnight.

After going to two places near the town, we decided to go the place where those nice beach resorts are located. One kilometer from the “more expensive” beach resorts are located, we dropped by a place which is very simple and clean. There seems to be no people in the area and we asked an old guy for questions of trying to find out where the administration office is located. To my surprise, the “old guy” is the administration office and the manager. Well, the price is cheap and we were the only customer in the place plus the basic amenities were all available. Mang Ador, the old guy was so accommodating that his sales talk was that the cottage we were going to stay was the same place where Jericho Rosales stayed a few days ago for a filming/shooting event to the point that there are posters stapled on one of the posts indicating that a filming group was there. More stories and conversation with Mang Ador in my succeeding posts.

We slept for the night and woke up at 4:15 AM on the following day, Tuesday. After scooping seawater along the beach, I was ready for my run and started from our beach cottage. It was still dark but the headlights of my support vehicle provided me with the much needed light along the cemented road that goes to the National Highway. It was a 9K distance and I made sure that this initial part of my run will be my warm-up!

I adjusted my strides as short but quick in tempo and I was comfortable with the pace. Since I did not have a Garmin Watch, I depended on my hand held Stopwatch with bigger dial and numbers. I strictly followed the Galloway Method where I have to do 2-3 minutes walk after a 15-minute jog. I kept on shuffling making sure that I have a consistent short and quick movement of the feet. In one hour and 15 minutes, I reached the National Highway and it was already almost 7:00 AM.

I stayed on the left side of the road, jogging and walking, making sure that I follow the Run-Walk-Run that I planned to do to conserve my strength on the later part of the day. My plan was to reach Bugallon, Pangasinan which is a distance of almost 70 kilometers from where I started but as I progressed along the road and went through those rolling terrain and the heat of the sun to come, I knew it was just a wish. I thought that a distance of 50 kilometers for the first day was already enough to shake off my legs and observe how my body would react.

Aside from the Galloway Method which I strictly followed, I also made sure to walk those uphill climbs no matter how steep is the climb is. If the road is ascending, it’s the signal and time for me to start my walking break. I did it religiously throughout the whole day. However, if the road is plain and flat, I still follow the 15:3 ratio for my Galloway Method. In my rough calculation, I was running at a pace of 7:30-8:00 mpk which is good for a LSD workout. I took time also to have my pit stops to drink and eat.

I have to drink water every 2 kilometers where my support vehicle is waiting for me as I’ve instructed my support crew to be “leap frogging” me for 2 kilometers along the way. It was a constant and repetitive thing to do to drink a sip of water every two kilometers and it was a “must” in my strategy. For every 1 hour to 1 ½ hours, I have to drink one-half bottle of Gatorade. As for my food intake, I eat anything (Nature Valley Sports Bar, Chips Ahoy Cookies, and ripe bananas) and I don’t have any intention of taking in those Sports Gels. It had been my personal observation that it is better to eat solid foods in this kind of running workout.

As I got nearer to the 35-km mark of the distance that I covered and about 2 kilometers away in reaching the town of Bani, Pangasinan, my left knee started to have pain. I was already running for 4 hours plus. I know this thing will happen as a result of the injury last December of last year. The heat of the sun was also punishing to the body plus the hot breeze/wind on the road were the ones trying to slow me down on the road. I have to walk some more and drink water. Every 3 hours from the start, I’ve been taking in one (1) Tylenol 500-mg tablet just to prevent and anticipate the pain that might crop up from my torn muscles in the past but my left knee just gave way.

After 3 kilometers, I stopped for a brief rest which ultimately became my lunch stop at 11:15 AM. It was a blessing in disguise that the Caltex Gas Station has the amenities of a Rest Area ( a Restaurant, A Garden, Rest Rooms, and Bamboo Cottage) and a Wi-Fi but the Internet connection is still weak though! We stayed here for 3 ½ hours and I was able to sleep and rest after a lunch of Sinigang Na Malaga, Fried Chicken, and Calamares! The owners of the place were very kind and hospitable. Of course, they are Ilocanos. Later, I found out that the place is located in Barangay Banog Norte in Bani, Pangasinan. In Ilocano, “Ban-nog” means “tired”. It’s a fitting description of my present condition during the run!

To be continued. 

Still Dark At 5:35 AM at The Beach Area Before The Start
Yes, The Billboard Says It All. Always Believe in Him!
Running In Action

7 thoughts on ““West To East”: 1st Day (Unedited)

  1. juliuscervantes

    Stay safe, BR. Looking forward to your reports. From the pictures, I see that the highways of Pangasinan will make a good ultra route hehe. Both my parents are from Pangasinan (San Fabian and Santa Barbara), so I am a bit familiar with the terrain.


  2. jonel c mendoza

    nice outfit sir, as usual.

    btw, based on the billboard, it looks like alley quisay has relatives there.

    ingat kayo sir from palayan city to gabaldon. you know what i mean.


  3. lynxspider

    be cafeful with your tylenol intake. the maximum you can take in a 24 hour period is 4000 mg. at your rate of 500 mg every 3 hours you are at 4000 mg. the tylenol is not the only substance that your liver is metabolizing on your run. In particular it also process your red blood cells which carry oxygenated blood during your run. Regarding the pain, it is a symptom telling you about an injury – new one or a recurring one. Take care !

    on my own adventure – i am sidelined again after a patient whom I am trying to stop from falling grabbed my left foot with his left arm and twisted my left knee. According to my occupational health provider – I got torn miniscus. He gave me ibuprofen 600 mg.


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