“West To East”: A Running Adventure

8:00 PM March 14, 2011/Bolinao, Pangasinan

After finishing the 5-day Adventure Run from Manila to Baguio City in February of last year, I was already thinking of another route where I could do another Adventure Run traversing and running along the roads of Luzon.

After researching and playing/browsing with the Google Map, I have entertained the idea of running from West to East, meaning, running from the western most part up to the eastern most part of Luzon. The distance is approximately the same with the distance from Manila to Baguio City but it could be farther and more challenging as the route offers more undulating and rolling terrain than the first adventure run that I finished up to Baguio City.

Why am I doing this? The reason could be that it is because I want to have fun and give meaning to life by running all possible routes in the country. I could be “opening the gates” for more possible routes for future adventure runs. I could be promoting the scenery of the towns, provinces and cities and its people that I will be passing and seeing through the “eyes/lens” of my digital camera. Or better yet, inspire more people along the way that running is good for the body and health. And for my readers in this blog to be inspired on what a retiree and almost senior citizen could do for the love of running.

Of course, my friends in the running community would also suspect that this is just a preparation for a bigger event to come in my adventure runs. Yes, they are right! I have that desire also to run from the very north tip of Luzon all the way to southernmost tip of the archipelago with the support of friends and corporate sponsors with the end-view of promoting running down to the “grassroots” level.

Many runners before me had done this feat but their accomplishments are still questionable up to this day based from my own standards or from what others would do to prove that they have done such feat. I have yet to see journals, diaries, pictorials, and other readable evidence to prove that these runners were able to run what they say they have run through. It is easy to say that you have run this part of the country without even showing to your readers any evidence or journal what each runner had gone through during the run. I would like to know the details, like: what was your daily mileage; what did you eat during the run; what is your hydration strategy during each leg or day; how many days did you rest during the span of period that a runner covered a certain distance; where did you rest and stop for the day; where did you rest over night; and how much did you spend for the adventure; and many more detailed factors/data to be known in order to pull off successfully in this kind of multi-day stage runs. Without these detailed facts, such feats/accomplishments are just “allegations”.

Let me go back to my plan. I will be starting in Bolinao, Pangasinan at the sea shore of the South China Sea and eventually proceed to Tarlac Province, running along the Carlos P Romulo Highway. From Tarlac Province, I will be proceeding to Nueva Ecija and ending up to the southernmost municipality of Dingalan of Aurora Province and specifically ending along the seashores of the Pacific Ocean. I will try to bring a bottle of sea water from the South China Sea and pour the said sea water to the Pacific Ocean. As there is no significant difference between the sea water of the South China Sea as to that of the Pacific Ocean, it will be a “tangible symbol” that I carried something from the West to be brought to the East. It would give meaning to the phrase, “West Meets East”.

What is the significance of my 2nd adventure run? The answer is very simple. I just want to prove that a runner could easily and efficiently document his run on a near-real time situation through a blog in the Internet with the aid of a GPS watch (I will be using a stopwatch this time!), digital camera, laptop computer or a cell phone, and a driver with a support vehicle. The documentation should be a some sort of a diary of the runner so that his/her reader is easily transported as if he/she is a part of the run and be able to feel the joy, fun, and hardship that the runner had gone through during the run. This is the gist of the run! It has no political ends and purpose but it simply sends the message that there is integrity in everything we want to do and for the things we want to impart to other people.

So another running adventure begins with the following pictures!

@Bolinao, Pangasinan: Western Most Tip of Luzon
@St James The Great Parish Church of Bolinao (Talking About Earthquake?)
South China Sea & The Beach of Bolinao
In One of Those "Not-So-Fancy" Beach Resorts

4 thoughts on ““West To East”: A Running Adventure

  1. Good luck on your 2nd running adventure, BR! While running through Pangasinan, enjoy the bagoong in Lingayen, bangus in Binmaley , the rice cake(puto) in Calasiao and patupat in Malasiqui.

    Hope you pass through these towns and not take the road leading to Camiling, Tarlac.

    Will be following your daily progress.


  2. apo BR,

    ayan yun to nu agsapa iti march 17 (Thurs)? sabaten kayo kuma manen…adda ak pay laeng ditoy laoag….. 🙂 have a safe run!

    I dedicate an excerpt of this hymn to you, sir!

    “From West to East we journey,
    In search of the ancient word,
    Although the way be thorny,
    Our free will and full accord……”

    (from the Grand Lodge Hymn)


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