Surprise Bonus

My PAU Races last year had been “notorious” and well-known because of the “surprise” element or factor that the runners had been accustomed to. Whenever I warn the runners that I have a “surprise” bonus for the race, it means that the runners had to run an extra distance more than the announced route distance. It could reach up to a maximum additional distance of 5 kilometers!

However, for this year’s BDM 160K Ultramarathon Race, the “surprise bonus” will be in the form of additional time (not distance) for the prescribed cut-off time. Finally, I’ve decided to set the cut-off time for the BDM 160K into 30 hours! Yes, you read it right! For each runner to claim his much-coveted prize of a Silver Belt Buckle for finishing the race, he/she should be able to cross the finish line in 30 hours or less!

Good luck to all the BDM 160K runners. You will be making history as your names will be immortalized as the Finishers in the 1st 100-Mile Solo Road Race in the country!


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