2011 BDM 102 Test Run Instructions

Some participants were confused when I made a link to my previous post last year about my guidelines on the conduct of the DBM 102 Test Run which was held last year. Except for the date, I was trying to inform this year’s runners that the guidelines I published last year will be the same instructions to be followed this coming Saturday except for some adjustments.

The following points/information should be considered by the runners during the conduct of the BDM 102 Test Run this coming Saturday, January 15, 2011. This is in addition to the guidelines published last year:

The assembly time is 9:00 PM (that is in the evening) on Saturday, January 15, 2011 inside the Bataan Death March Shrine/Park in Mariveles, Bataan.

We will be distributing a Race Bib for each runner and make sure that it is pinned in front of your running apparel.

The test run will start as soon as we finish processing all the runners.

I was informed that Saturday night coincides with the Calendar’s “New Moon” phase which means that it will be totally dark along the route especially on places where there are no lighting fixtures.

Each runner must bring their required lighting equipment (headlamps & hand-held flashlights) and reflectorized apparel/vest for safety purposes. This is the proper time to test you night equipment and running apparel. Remember to bring your respective First Aid Kits, too!

Take note of the following intersections:

BDM Km Post #14—Take the right road.

BDM Km Post #23—Turn Right towards Limay, Bataan

BDM Km Post #32—Turn Right towards Pilar, Bataan

Runners will be supported by their respective Support Vehicle & Crew. I will not be strict with this regulation during the Test Run, however, if a runner during this test run does not have such support, he/she should be self-sufficient/self-contained and personally responsible with his/her needs.

For safety purposes, runners are encouraged to run in single-file on the left side of the road facing the incoming traffic, whether in a group or for a minimum of two runnets.

Portalets? Ultra runners (men & women) do not need portalets! Man is an integral part of the Nature’s Cycle. Whatever waste we excrete from our body system is a “fertilizer” to the natural environment and nature gives it back to us to nourish and maintain our survival. (Note: Don’t forget to bring your toilet paper and please dispose them properly!). If you have time, better ask the BDM Ultra Veterans on how to use the “Malong” or the “Balikbayan Box”. If you don’t want this kind of arrangement, then you are not supposed to be an ultra runner. And I suggest you should stick to the Marathon Races in the Cities.

For those who were sleeping or absent from their classes when the Subjects, “Geography” and “Philippine History” were  taught in the schools and for those who are lazy to “Google Map” and locate where Mariveles is located, you better ask your parents and friends where Bataan Province is located. Additionally, you can go to the Yellow Pages to find out which Transport or Bus Companies caters the travelling public on the Manila-Mariveles Route. (Note: I am surprised to receive such detailed questions from so many local runners.)   

This test run is a recon run for the participants wherein each runner will be able to familiarize themselves with the terrain, environment, and apply their respective hydration, nutrition and race strategy. Those who will not join this test run will be responsible to do their own recon/familiarization with the route. Due to the limited parking space within the vicinity of the Bataan Death March Shrine/Starting Area, runners are advised to be dropped-off at the Starting Area and have their Support Vehicle & Crew to proceed at vicinity Km Post #7 and wait thereat.

I have prepared only 100 Race Bibs for this event. If you want to be counted and would like to run with a Race Bib, you can signify or register by leaving a comment with your name in this blog or you can leave a post at the “2011 BDM 102 Test Run” Event Page on Facebook. Deadline of registration will be at 8:00 AM of January 15, 2011. (Note: This test run is open to everybody)

Good luck and train well.


20 thoughts on “2011 BDM 102 Test Run Instructions

  1. docrun

    count us in Sir Jovie (team BORING)

    1. Marco Christopher Montaos ‘DocT’
    2. Bong Bernadez ‘ bad boy bong’
    3. Edwin Rara ‘Edwin’
    4. Norberto Mortel “Trudis”
    5. Frederick Gabriel ‘Gab’
    6. Reginald santos ‘Rej’
    7. Roy Tan ‘Chever’
    8. Vic Viola ‘Papi’
    9. Marcos Lontoc ‘Mac’
    10. Wap Flores ‘Wap’
    11. David Buban ‘Dave’

    Salamat po! See you there!


  2. eagleinvictus

    Greetings BR!

    These individuals will join the test run

    1. Junar Layug
    2. Allen Gaspar
    3. Mark Hernandez
    4. Blas Tiangco
    5. Christian Oting
    6. Ronnel Go
    7. Angel Henson
    8. John Paul Bautista
    9. Mark Anthony Rodica
    10. Leynard Gripal



  3. I would love to join but I will be in Cebu. Maybe I should run there instead. Any recommendation on where to run? Thanks and good luck to all the runners! Malapit na BDM106k! Cheers,


  4. dickbalaba

    sir, we’ll be joining the test run on saturday:

    1. Emilio Hulipas
    2. Marlo Guloy
    3. Ignatius Patrimonio
    4. Benedict Balaba

    thanks much…


  5. nmallillin

    Sir Jovie, I will be joining the test run.
    Correction lang po Sir. This saturdays run (January 15) and the BDM 160 race participants will be running w half moon. The participants of BDM 102 (March 5) will be the ones who will run in complete darkness (new moon).


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