1st BDM 160K Race Belt Buckle

 In Silver! Made by SUAREZ Bros. (Not the Actual Size as seen here)

1st Philippine 100-Mile Run Belt Buckle

Any questions?

Good luck and Train Well! Be a part of this historic first “solo” race for a 100-mile (160K) ultramarathon road race in the country!

(Note: This is not a motivation for you to “cheat” in my race!!! It should be a motivation for you to test your physical and mental limits…and cross the finish line with your own effort.)


15 thoughts on “1st BDM 160K Race Belt Buckle

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    1. kingofpots

      the 1st edition will be something to look forward to. this is a pilot project and i hope we’ll be able to learn about the event and ourselves! Good luck & Train well.


  2. Nice looking. It sure looks heavy. The facade conveys the image of suffering and how apropos in a typical 100-miler. I had the idea it would be a square or rectangle in shape. Just like in other 100-mile races, the SILVER buckle is meticulously given to those only who finish in sub-24 hours (cut-off of 30 hours). Maybe in this case sub-22 if cut-off is 28 hours. The rest is bronze. Just another mumbling for the day. Cheers.


  3. kingofpots

    thanks for the nice comment, atty jon. how i wish BDM 160K Ultra will be unique from the other 100-mile endurance runs and i will stick with the the oval shape to emphasize the “name/title” of the event. as of now, i am thinking of awarding “GOLD” BDM 160 Buckle for those who would finish sub-20 or 22 hours and the rest would be in silver. Bronze, in my personal fashion sense, does not appeal well to me. i am sorry but i’ve never seen a belt buckle made of bronze from the fashion signature brands. Cheers!


  4. run2dmoon

    will the medals and trophies be retained? magkano na kaya ang registration natin sir? i wouldn’t mind an increase…lalo na kung puedeng i-sangla…hehe


  5. Hi,
    I am runner from Singapore,can you give us more detail on the 160k race (entry fee,start time,start point and finish point,what type of support station etc) because we need to book air ticket and accommodation.thanks


    1. kingofpots

      wee, thanks for the comment. each of the invited applicants for the BDM 160 will be receiving their letter of invitation this weekend. all the necessary details will be stated in the said letter. i am sorry for the delay. good luck and train well.


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