Running Clinic @ AIR 21

 Days before the conduct of the PAU’s P2P 70K Run in Ilocos Norte, Frederick Gabriel and Vic Viola of approached me with the request for their company to conduct a running lecture and clinic to their staff and employees numbering to about 200. It was only during these conversations that I have found out that these two ultra runners and consistent PAU runners are connected with the company called AIR 21. Their request was very noble that it was worth making it as a priority because of the number of participants plus the interest they put into the importance of running as part of the company’s sports program and the company’s program to look for the welfare of their subordinates through running as part of their active lifestyle. 

In addition, one of the objectives of the running lecture and clinic at AIR 21 is for everybody at the said company to know the basic and scientific way of training in running. It is a part of the company’s training and preparation for their participation in this year’s October 10 A Run For Pasig River. I was informed that almost all the staff and employees will be joining the said running event. Days before the conduct of the lecture & clinic, I have already the impression that the owners are sports-minded and health buffs. (Note: Mr Lina is a golf player while his wife has progressively finished her first 5K run) 

The lecture and clinic was decided to be conducted on the Company’s Health & Medical Expo Day which was held on the Birthday of Mrs Sylvia Lina, co-owner of the company and wife of Mr Alberto Lina, President & Owner of the Company. The lecture and the first session of actual running was conducted at 3:00 PM of September 6, 2010 at the Company’s Cargohaus near the NAIA Airport Complex. 

Birthday of the 1st Lady of the Company

 I was impressed that the owners of the company, Mr & Mrs Lina and their two daughters attended the lecture and the practical part and actual demonstration of the stretching exercises, running drills, and a 30-minute run. 

Lecture Room Filled With Staff & Employees

 The lecture room was “jampacked” with the staff and employees of the company that most of them remained standing during the 1 1/2 hours of lecture and open forum. Basically, the lecture covered the “Why’s” of Running, Steps To Follow, Laws of Training in Running, Practical Tips In Running, Phases of Training, and lastly, Etiquette In Running. Some concerns and apprehensions from the participants were answered during the Open Forum. 

Lecture On Running Basics & Principles

 The lectured was followed with actual involvement of the participants in the conduct of stretching exercises, running drills, and a 30-minute steady run. The clinic is scheduled to be conducted every Monday afternoon up to October 10 with the hope that every participant will be able to finish the scheduled 3K and 5K runs on race day.

The following pictures will best describe the activity on September 6 with Mr Alberto Lina; Mrs Sylvia Lina; their daughters and the rest of the staff and employees of AIR 21.

Mrs Sylvia Lina & Children Listening To The Lecture
Mr Lina & Daughters Preparting For the Stretching Exercises
Almost 100 Staff & Employees Joined The Clinic
Leadership By Example Is The Key To A Healthy & Progressive Company
Cool-Down Exercises After A 30-Minute Steady Run

For a related story about the AIR 21 Running Lecture and Clinic and more pictures of the event, please visit


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