The runner’s name is “Joy”. I first came to know her as one of my “friends” on Facebook without even seeing her personally. And suddenly last week, she sent me a message on my account telling me that she just completed her first 1,000-km total mileage since she started running. So, I told her that she is entitled to the “BR’s 1,000-Km Club” Finisher’s Shirt and asked her t-shirt size.

Last Sunday after the Nature’s Valley Run at The Fort, she approached the BR’s temporary booth (Parking Attendant’s Booth at the BHS) and she introduced herself to me. I knew that she just finished the Half-Marathon as she was proudly wearing her Finisher’s Medal.

As I presented to her the BR’s 1,000-Km Club Finisher’s T-Shirt, she handed me 1,000 pesos for her support to the Elite Team Bald Runner. She told me that she had allocated One Peso Per Kilometer for the 1,000 kilometers that she was able to run since the time she started counting on her mileage. And decided to give such earnings to support my elite team. I was surprised and touched by the gesture of this lady runner. I could only say “Thank your for your support” and asked her for a picture with me handing her the t-shirt. 

I just learned that she finished her first marathon run with The Bull Runner’s Dream Marathon and after a week, she ran the Nature’s Valley Half-Marathon!  A very strong lady runner! Congratulations!

To Joy, thank you very much for your support. May God bless you always.

Photo-Ops With Joy & 1,000-Km Club Shirt
Joy Aguilar: Latest Member of "BR's 1,000-Km Club"

10 thoughts on “Joy

  1. juliuscervantes

    Sir Jovie, how can I have a 1,000 km Club shirt? I’m pushing 1,400 already! 🙂 I’d be very proud to wear the shirt. Thanks in advance.


      1. juliuscervantes

        Sir Jovie, I’m 5’10” and about 180 lbs. Do you think an XL would be ok for me? I’ll also be at the PIDHM on June 12. Looking forward to seeing you there. I’ll just look for the BR booth. Thank you so much, sir. I’m proud to be a member of BR’s 1,000 Km Club!


  2. Congratulations JOY for completing 1,000km!!! 21k after our 42k last week? You’re strong and most definitely a running addict! haha Keep running and having fun! 🙂

    To BR, really nice motivation and acknowledgement of runners’ efforts and accomplishments. Completed my 1,000km last May (1150kms to date). Does this earn me a shirt, too? 🙂 – Mariel


    1. Hi Mariel, Thx for the greetings. and congratulations too for finishing your first 1000 km…it feels great that we have reached a certain point of mileage and wanted to keep goin.


  3. Hi Sir Jovie,
    Wow! I felt so honored being featured in your blog.
    I was surprised when I see it in my blogger’s dashboard this morning.
    I am so thankful that finally I have met you- you probably have no idea how much influence you had in my running life.
    I know there are thousand of readers out there who have been inspired to continue running through your blog and must have felt the same way as I do.
    I admire your continued effort to bring glory to our country through your elite team bald runner.

    God bless Sir and thank you,


  4. fanaticinformant

    Pahabol Sir Jovs! I will be at the Independence Day Run! I already completed more than 1000k distance and here’s a link to prove it!

    Anyway, I’m 5″7 and 150 lbs 31 inch waistline. So I don’t know what size would that be for the shirt! Anyway, will look for you after the race! 🙂 Incidentally, the 1/10th of that 1,000k distance is due to the BDM102k, six marathons and other races all in just a year. I wish I was able to track my running all these years. Only started to do so last year. : (


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