Running & Organic Foods

Or should I say, Running & Farming!

At least, 7 kilometers from the “Brown” Mountain, our new playground, there is a place which I call “The Farm” where we rest and relax in between our running workouts. “The Farm” has a lot of land space to offer and we started to raise vegetables as our source of organic foods. 

Farmers In Between Running Workouts

 We have propagated pechay, radish, okra, ampalaya, pepper, malunggay, papaya, chinese/upland kangkong, camote/sweet potato, cassava and lots of saluyot. The pictures depict that we have transplanted such plants to garden plots and in-between our workouts, we water and cultivate them. The members of the Elite Team Bald Runner had been transformed to Farmers for them to produce organic foods for their sustenance.

Organic Vegetables Planted By Team BR

 I could still remember the reason why the Kenyans and the Japanese are the world’s top long distance runners is because their food nutrition are fresh from the source. Not seen in these pictures are the native chicken, goats and hog/pigs being raised inside “The Farm”. Hopefully, the mountains nearby would give us a taste of fresh wild pig/boar and deer meat!!!

Pechay, Radish, Okra, Upland Kangkong, Ampalaya & Others

Inside “The Farm” is an orchard with 150+ mango trees; coconut trees; santol; pomelo; chico; atis; rambutan; mabolo; duhat; guava and other fruits rich in Vitamin C.

Gardening/Farming As Cross-Training Activity For Runners

If you are a runner and you have a place where you could start propagating your own source of organic food, you can be a “farmer”, too! If you are staying in those high-rise condos in Metro Manila, you can buy those inexpensive plastic pots where you can plant your vegetables. If you are serious, buy a book on vegetable raising, buy those seeds at the ACE, and then plant the seedlings in those pots! You will be surprised that taking care of your plants/vegetables will give you relaxation and at the same time a cross-training activity for your running.


4 thoughts on “Running & Organic Foods

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  2. greencursor

    i totally agree. organic is the way to go not just for runners but for everybody who wishes to adopt a healthier lifestyle. the commercial vegetables we normally buy in markets are all peppered with chemical fertilizer and pesticides to make them look good and attractive to the buyers.


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