One Peso

Could you name an item which you can buy at the Grocery Store with One Peso? None!

Can you name a service that would be enough to pay One Peso? There is! When I was the Camp Commander at Fort Bonifacio’s Philippine Army’s Headquarters, I introduced the “One Peso Ride” using Multi-Cabs & L300 Vans donated by the AFP Financial Institutions and later introduced such service also when I was again designated as the Camp Commander of AFP Headquarter’s Camp Aguinaldo. Every passenger has to pay One Peso in going to any place inside the Camp. Such services are still being maintained with the same fare.

When I made a post about Joy whom I awarded her “1,000-Km” Club Finisher’s Club, I mentioned that she gave a donation of P 1,000 for my Elite Team BR as the total amount she was able to save by paying or putting One Peso for every kilometer that she was able to finish, whether in her practice runs or road races! I was really impressed with such initiative and thanked her for the donation.

During the NB Trail Adventure, I had a brief conversation with some Senior Officers of the Philippine Army who had become as regular runners in road races. These Officers had ultimately transformed themselves as “hardcore” runners and they are now leading by example to their staff and soldiers. Colonels Frank “Jonx” Delfin & Alex Luna are presently leading a running group inside Fort Bonifacio and their group is increasing in number.

Colonels Delfin & Luna have established a running program and project where every member of the club put in One Peso per kilometer that they run in their training and races inside a Box and every runner should be able to register in a tally form his/her name & the number of kilometers he/she finished & the corresponding amount of money he/she put in to the box. Their goal is to be able to finish 1,000 kilometers and be a part of the “1,000-Km Club” Finishers.

Register First, And Then Drop Your Peso/s In To The Box

“PISO KADA KILOMETRO”  is the name of this project and it already collected some amount as most of the coins had been accounted and properly packed in papers. It is unfortunate that I did not ask these two officers as to the total amount of coins collected so far.

Mabuhay kayo, Jonx & Alex!!!

"Jonx & Alex" With BR @ NB Trail Run (Photo Courtesy of Jun Bisnar)

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