First Day

1. Today is the first day of my “adventure run” from Manila to Baguio City. I started at Km Post #10, which almost one kilometer away from the Bonifacio Monument in Calocan City, at 6:20 AM. I started late in the morning purposely to have a clear view of the road and the environment while I started my run.

"Adventure Run" Dedicated To The Team Bald Runner

2. After a few kilometers, I was approaching the City of Valenzuela. At first, I was running against the traffic but because of the sunlight and the heat of the sun, I transfered to the other side of the road, taking advantage of the shade provided by the buildings along the road. The city streets are dirty and dusty. The traffic along the McArthur Highway was too slow because of the jeeps and cargo trucks. Almost all the restaurants and bars along the road are named after the late General Douglas McArthur!

3. The City of Meycauyan, Bulacan came next and the streets are far cleaner than the streets of Valenzuela City. All the drainage covers along the sidewalk were properly marked with “Project of Mayor Win”. Nice project and projection on the accomplishment of the City Mayor!

Drainage Cover @ Meycauayan, Bulacan

4. What reminds me of Marilao, Bulacan is the SM Mall which I had the chance to drop by at the said establishment when I was still a Brigade Commander in Central Luzon, six years ago. At this point, the road became wider and the traffic was no longer busy.

@ Marilao, Bulacan Infront of SM

5. I had my late breakfast at McDonalds in Bocaue. I ordered burger with pancake and hot chocolate. I rested here for one hour and read the daily newspaper. No worthy news to read. Everything was about politics and the national election/presidentiables blah, blah, & blah!

6. Almost all the electric posts along the way are full with posters of candidates for the president and local government officials. I’ve noticed that you see the faces of the candidates with their “best smiles” in their campaign billboards and posters but in reality when you meet them in person, you seldom see them in their “campaign smile”.

A Welcome Banner in Guiguinto, Bulacan

7. In Bocaue, Bulacan, I’ve noticed that the game of Jueteng is prevalent. In one of the street corners, I saw a collector of bets accepting money from one of the bystanders.

8. So far, these are my expenses and consumption:

Gasoline—-P 1,500.00 (Full tank which will last up to Baguio City)

Gatorade—2 Bottles—P 32.00

Water For Drinking—2 Liters—P 30.00

Breakfast @ McDonalds—P 150.00

One Pack of SkyFlakes—P 5.00

Cloud Nine (2 Bite Sizes)—P 3.00

Lunch @ Malolos, Bulacan with Softdrinks—P 100.00

9. For this morning run, I was wearing an Under Armour Runner’s Cap, one ala-Buff by Armando Caruso (P 69.00) as my head sweatband, NIKE White Long-sleeved shirt, NIKE Compression Shorts, ASICS Gel-Kinsei 2 with Hane’s Athletic Socks. On my left wristband is my GF 305 while my right wristband is my GF 405. The GF 305 tells me the elapsed time and distance while my GF 405 tells me the actual time of the day. My hydration is my old and trusted Nathan (SOB) Hydration Belt.

10. I ran through the following places along McArthur Highway: Valenzuela, Meycauayan, Marilao, Bocaue, Balagtas, and Guiguinto, all of the province of Bulacan.

11. I just had my lunch and I am now resting while singing the Karaoke in one of the retaurants here in Malolos, Bulacan. I will resume my run later this afternoon.


13 thoughts on “First Day

  1. run2dmoon

    be safe on the road.

    i also hope you can post the track log map from your garmin watch software.
    i would like to know which roads you use.


    1. kingofpots

      albert, it takes me a lot of time waiting for the google earth to sync with my gf305 data using my smart bro. another thing is that my notebook could not save the image in jpeg. i am loosing my temper on this matter. hehehe! anyway, please wait till i get back to the manila.


  2. Let

    Sir Jovie, thanks for sharing with us your endeavor. You sure are one brave warrior/runner and a lot of us admire you for that. Keep safe Sir and we’ll for more of you adventure.


  3. lafortart

    I salute you sir. After the Condura run last Sunday and here you are on your adventure run. My whole 68 yrs old body is still hurting after my half marathon run at the Surf Marathon, Huntington Beach last Sunday. Good luck and please keep the posts and photos coming. I am following your progress all the way to Baguio.


  4. have fun. ingat. and even if we all know that you are doing it your way and you will travel each and every highway to Baguio … when in restaurants with karaoke machines do not be tempted to sing My Way. 😀


  5. Tin

    enjoy BR! 🙂
    >try (you can share the link, have seen some do that. i haven’t tried it though since my account is not public)…
    >what i did last time was to snapshot, photoshop and save as jpeg —errr more complicated.
    we can wait till you get back. have fun, be safe and keep us posted!


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