I got my Race Number for the ABS-CBN Foundations’s Philippine International Marathon: Pasig River Marathon this morning at the Foundation’s Office in Quezon City. There was a long line of runners and most of them were angry that they were made to go to the Foundations’s office to retrieve their Race Packets after they were promised to get their packets from the place where they have registered.

As published by the ABS-CBN network, there are 21,000 registered runners for the 3K, 5K, 10K, 42K, 42K/20-man relay and 42K 40-man relay races. From the registered fee of P 250 per runner, the Kapit Bisig Para Sa Ilog Pasig earns an amount of P 5,250,000.

I don’t think I will wear the singlet that goes with the race packet. It is colored aqua blue and it is “heavy”!

We’ll see if the ABS-CBN “Kapamilya” Stars will be there to run with us, even for the short 3K Run.

2009 PIM Race Number

The race strategy is to run comfortably and enjoy the company of other runners and be a part of this noble project to clean the Pasig River. I will give the honor to my Elite Team Bald Runner to race for me as they will compete in the 20-man relay in the 42K Race.

See you at the Starting Line!

3 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. we registered for the 20-man relay also. but we were told on the last day that our registration was not “processed”. we had to settle for individual categories instead and some of us just refunded their reg fees.

    anyway, have a good run sir BR and good luck to your team. i’m looking forward to joining your race on Dec. 30


  2. i was at the AFI (ABSCBN Foundation Inc) Nov 7 to claim my race packet. the place looked like there’s an ongoing Ondoy relief packing operations. grabe! they had months of preparations for the race and they ended up rushing things up a day before the event. understaffed daw sila sabi nung isa. i saw Izod people, even Babes of RACE helping in the distribution of the packets. cramming could have been avoided had they requested for more staff earlier in the week.

    btw, i like the race route, i guess i’m a sucker for “out and away” marathons.
    thats the reason why i love the TNF100 and BDM102.


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