2009 Adidas KOTR Half-Marathon

2009 ADIDAS “King of the Road” Half-Marathon Race; 5:30 AM 25 October 2009

In last year’s edition of the ADIDAS “KOTR” Half-Marathon, I had a 13+K running workout on the day before the race. I was able to finish the race with a time of 1:48:55 hours. It was a fast time for me at that time and I was lucky to be wearing a Race Bib with the numbers “888”. Instead of wearing the nice blue singlet provided with the race kit, I was wearing my all-green Patagonia Trail Shorts & Shirt and started to wear my signature “Bandana” wrapped around my neck.

For this year, it was filled with more challenging feats in my running experience. On the day before the race, I joined my first early evening Marathon Race at the SMART 2nd Subic International Marathon along the SCTEX Highway. I was able to finish the race with a blistering pace at 3:58:09 hours. After having my dinner in Subic Freeport, I was on my way back to Manila, arriving in my place at almost 1:00 AM of Sunday.

With barely 3 hours of sleep, I was already prepraring for my next race which is the ADIDAS “King of the Road” Half-Marathon at The Fort. Thirty minutes before the start of the race, I was already inside the coral at the Starting Area. I was surprised to see runners who finished the Subic International Marathon who were raring to run the said race. Other runners from Subic had only 30 minutes of sleep as they went directly to the Starting Line at The Fort after coming from Subic. Hey, this is what I call “hardcore & crazy” runners like me!

I was undecided on what to do during the race. I thought that this race would be my recover run and try my best to finish the race. But on the other hand, I was thinking if I could do a multi-day stage run with barely 8-9 hours in between two runs. Running on the first day for 42 kilometers and then another 21 kilometers for the next and then another number of kilometers for the next day until I reach my destination. And that was what I did on this weekend of October. Who knows one of these days, I will start to run from Manila to Baguio City as my first personal multi-day stage run in my running experience & journey. And maybe after the 2nd BDM 102, I could run a farther distance with more days on the road.

In the true tradition of Mr Rudy Biscocho, after some problems and complaints with the claiming of Race Packets for the early registrants at the SM Megatrade and the announced Race Expo, the race started on time or I rather say earlier than the scheduled time! As the starting gun was fired, I immediately started to jog and then run at my comfortable pace. It could be the “rush of adrenaline” that I did not feel any soreness or pain on my legs during the first few kilometers of the race. I think I was fast on my first 10 kilometers that I was running with a pace of 5:30 minutes per kilometer!

However, on the second half of the race, my legs just went too heavy and I started to slow down. The feeling was like running the 1st BDM 102 on the last 10 kilometers before the Finish Line. I brought out all those “tricks” I could think of to maintain my pace and rythym. I even silently talked to my legs to keep on running and be able to finish the race. Then, I started to “shuffle” and swing my arms as fast as I could. I was thinking of finishing the race below 2 hours that I kept on looking on my GF 305 and trying to calculate my finish time. But my legs were not responding to what my brain was thinking of doing. I did not have any cramps or any “issues” during the race but it came to my mind that a half-marathon was a distance too far to be finished.

Many runners that I met and overtook me would greet me and it gave me some boost to increase my pace but my speed was not improving as I gleaned the data in my watch. When I reached the last 2 kilometers of the route, I was already on “cruise control” and kept my feet moving and pounding on the ground, one foot infront at a time. Finally, I reached the Finish Line in 2:01:30 hours with an average pace of 5:45+ minutes per kilometer which was almost the same pace that I had during the Subic International Marathon!

It was a slow finish time as compared with my past half-marathon finish times but I was able to prove that I could run and survive in a multi-day stage running event. It could be a solo 100-Mile run or a straight 4-5 days run with complete rest in between each day.

My Picture After Finishing The Race

 There was nothing to complain in the conduct of the race. The basic needs of the runners were met and given by the Race Organizers. Lastly, the singlet was NICE. My congratulations to Mr Rudy Biscocho on the conduct of the race but he has to improve in the registration system/process for all the runners. Congratulations also to ADIDAS who is really consistent and dependable in conducting this famous race every year.

After a back to back road race in one weekend, I decided to have a 3-day rest & recovery period. The next run would be the Philippine International Marathon: Run For Pasig River.

See you at the Starting Line.

5 thoughts on “2009 Adidas KOTR Half-Marathon

  1. Congratulations, BR!

    You are definitely hardcore! I can see that you are starting to have dreams of ultra-running adventures, multi-day events and 100milers. That’s great!

    In case you are here in September sometime, consider the Tahoe Triple in South Lake Tahoe, California. I can guarantee that it will be one amazing experience. Their website is at http://www.laketahoemarathon.com. I will be doing it again in 2010. Maybe I’ll see you there!

    Happy running!



  2. thanks, ric! my face is already associated with “hardcore” running here. and i am just one of the “crazy” guys on the road! hehehe!


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