Update #1: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

I ran the whole race route this morning at exactly 6:10 AM and I observed that the sun was already above the horizon.

Although most parts of the route are shaded with trees, there are still parts of the route which are exposed to sunlight and it will add some heat to the runners. I could predict that the heat of the sun on exposed parts of the route will be become a problem for the runners.

Due to this observation, I am adjusting the start of the race earlier and the race will start at 5:30 AM, instead of 6:00 AM. We will adjust also the Assembly Time at 5:00 AM. An earlier start for the race will be more beneficial to all the runners.

An appropriate written notice about this adjustment is already in the Race Kits to be distributed.

Our registration booth will be available at the vicinity of the BOTAK Run’s Finish Line at the UP Diliman Campus. Race Kits will be available for distribution upon acceptance of registration form & fee. 

We are encouraging participants to register early as we have prepared limited number of race kits.

6 thoughts on “Update #1: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

  1. hi sir baldrunner, we want to send some MTR 2008 photos to Cebu Smile Magazine for our promotions, your photo during the race same as the one you have on this site taken by Martin will be a part of it, is it ok?


    • yves, thanks for asking…yes, you are getting my permission to use that pictures. please give me a copy of the said magazine. thanks!


      • thanks, we are still not sure if they will use the photos, but we’re crossing our fingers. 🙂 I’ll make sure to give you a copy if they do publish it. thanks


  2. sir, in behalf of our running club… HINGS RUNNING CLUB… we wish to voluntarily donate a crush ice in a small plastic bag more or less a half kilo each as a support for the runners who will participate in this running event…. and some cases of beer in can… as you mention before that theres a lot of beer in the finish line…. maybe some of your staff can have time to contact … tel.. 285-10-78 and look for SAMSON….thank you sir …were looking forward to see you and talk to you personally these coming days….expect our running club in this event.


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