Medals @ 1st MASTERS 15K Run

The 1st MASTERS 15K Run was conceptualized as a simple and modest road race among the 35+ years old female and 40+ years old male runners. I consider this as a competitive race and there will be lots of fun, I mean, cold beer after the race.

We prepared Medals for the Top 3 Male and Female Overall Finishers. And another set of medals for the Top 3 in the different Age Categories for the Male and Female. The medals were made by AB BERNAL Engraver Inc., the same company that made the Finisher’s Medals for the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race. 

Top 3 Overall Medal (Bigger) & Top 3 In Every Age Category Medal (Smaller)
Top 3 Overall Medal (Bigger) & Top 3 In Every Age Category Medal (Smaller)
On The Back of the Medals
On The Back of the Medals

To all the MASTERS, Good Luck and See You at the Starting Line!

Update #2: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

On Registration

1) For those who registered through the phone, your Race Bibs are ready for pick-up at the Starting Area/GHQ Grandstand at least One Hour before the start of the race (5:30 AM). Just be ready for your ID and your registration fee of P 100.00.

2) For those who intend to register on site before the start of the race, you should be at the Starting Area/GHQ Grandstand at least One Hour before the start of the race. A separate table will be established for those late registrants.

3) There is a limited number of Race Bibs. We prepared a total of 170 Race Bibs for the runners with ages from 40-54 years old male and limited number of race bibs for the older ages and the Women’s MASTERS. Issuance of the remaining Race Bibs will be on “First Come, First Serve” basis.

4) Please “Fall In Line” when you claim your Race Bibs or when you intend to be one of the late registrants in one of the tables. Our staff could only attend one person at a time.  

Entry to Camp Aguinaldo:

1) Everybody is advised to enter through GATE #1 which is the only gate that is open in the camp before 5:00 AM. This gate is along BONI SERRANO AVE. (SANTOLAN ROAD). Be ready with your Driver’s License if you don’t have an AFP Car/Vehicle Pass or Decal. For those without vehicles, take the Pedestrian Gate (adjacent to Gate #1).

2) MPs will guide you where you can Park your vehicle. Don’t assume that your vehicles are safe because you are inside a military camp. Due to thefts in vehicles in past races, it’s unfortunate that our suspects are also “runners” wearing running attire and with the proper race bib. It is advisable to secure/hide your things and don’t display anything inside your car. The race organizer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any vehicle parked on the race site.

Please feel free to post your comment/s if you have any clarification or concern about the race. We will try to update you through this blog about the said race. For those who are willing to donate or sponsor any product or “giveaways” for the runners, please feel free to contact us at Telephone Number: 497-6442.

See you at the Starting Line!

Update #1: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

I ran the whole race route this morning at exactly 6:10 AM and I observed that the sun was already above the horizon.

Although most parts of the route are shaded with trees, there are still parts of the route which are exposed to sunlight and it will add some heat to the runners. I could predict that the heat of the sun on exposed parts of the route will be become a problem for the runners.

Due to this observation, I am adjusting the start of the race earlier and the race will start at 5:30 AM, instead of 6:00 AM. We will adjust also the Assembly Time at 5:00 AM. An earlier start for the race will be more beneficial to all the runners.

An appropriate written notice about this adjustment is already in the Race Kits to be distributed.

Our registration booth will be available at the vicinity of the BOTAK Run’s Finish Line at the UP Diliman Campus. Race Kits will be available for distribution upon acceptance of registration form & fee. 

We are encouraging participants to register early as we have prepared limited number of race kits.

An Invitation: 1st MASTERS 15K Run

Last 16 November 2008, a group of MASTERS runners conducted the 1st 10K MASTERS Run at Fort Bonifacio. I was not able to participate in that race but I was informed that the race was a success.

For this year, the Bald Runner’s Events is coming up with a longer distance run for the MASTERS which will cover a challenging 15 kilometers of paved roads.

As a starter, MASTERS are those runners from the age of 40 and above for the Men’s Category and for those 35 years old and above for the Women’s Category. The age categories will be grouped every 5 years of age, both for the Men’s and Women’s.

The 1st MASTERS 15K Run will be held inside Camp Aguinaldo on September 6, 2009. The race will start at 6:00 AM infront of the GHQ Grandstand. The race will cover two (2) loops of 7.5-kilometer loop inside the camp.

The registration fee is P 100.00 per runner. Our staff will start accepting registration to this race during the KR Urbanite Run this Saturday evening. Just look for the Bald Runner/Project Donate A Shoe Banner/Tarpaulin in one of the designated Parking Areas. Each runner must be able to bring their ID for verification of their printed Birth Date on their Card.

Race packets (race bib, rules & regulations, and map of the route) will be available for distribution starting on August 23 in any of the racing venues in Metro Manila.

There will be no singlets or Finisher’s T-shirts as the registration fee will defray the cost of race packets, water/hydration needs, trophies & medals, and Finisher’s Certificate which will be mailed to the runner’s address.

Since we do not have any “marketing people” or PR means to ask for sponsors for this race, this race will be a “no-frills” race but each runner will be assured of a safe race route & parking areas, a challenging but fast course, accurate course distance, lots of water, a race timer (sponsored by reinier6666), and more fun & running experience.

If there are “Good Samaritans” out there to support or sponsor this race, we will be glad to accept whatever help you can give to make this race a memorable one. Please feel free to post a comment on this post. Our staff could also be contacted at this landline telephone number—497-6442 for more details of this event.

To make this race something unique and for us to bring back the “good old times” of running in the late 70s and the 80s, “friends” of BR will be donating lots of beer for all the runners!!! Beer will be served at the Finish Line (and in the Aid Stations)!

See you at the Starting Line!!!