BR’s Running Plans & “Dream” Runs

17 06 2009

The following are my running plans and “dream” runs until I am still strong to run:

1) Boston Marathon—They say that you are not an ultimate marathoner or runner if you don’t experience the “Holy Grail” of Marathon Running on Earth. First, I have to look and join for a fast marathon race which is Boston qualifier for me to have a finish time of 3:45 hours in my age category.

2) Manila to Baguio City Run—I made this announcement during the Awarding Ceremony of the 1st BDM 102K Ultramarathon Race. This will be a 3 to 4 -day multi-stage run along the McArthur Highway. There is no registration fee as each runner must have his own support system.

3) Mt Arayat Traverse Run—With the approval of the security forces within the area, this will be a one-day affair. There will be no registration fees. Each runner will have his own support system with him during the run.

4) Mt Tirad Trek & Tirad Pass Run—The run will start infront of the Candon Elementary School in Candon, Ilocos Sur and runners will go to Salcedo, Ilocos Sur up to the peak of Mt Tirad, where General Gregorio del Pilar died, and then back to the starting area. The distance is approximately 80-90 kilometers. No registration fee. Provide your own support.

5) Ilocos Norte Sand Dunes & Beach Run—From as far as the boundary of Ilocos Sur & Ilocos Norte (Badoc, Ilocos Norte) to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, running along the sand dunes and the coastal beach of Ilocos Norte. There is no need to participate in the Marathon Des Sables and spend $5,000 for registration fees for each runner. Instead, runners will run the sands of the Ilocos region, from South to North direction and end with a beach party in Pagudpud’s Blue Lagoon. No registration fee. Provide your own support.

6) Fort Magsaysay to Dingalan, Aurora Run—This is entirely a trail run that starts from Fort Magsaysay, Palayan City (Nueva Ecija) to the shores of Dingalan, Aurora with the Pacific Ocean. This trail has been used for the training of the Philippine Army’s Scout Rangers and Special Forces. No registration fee. Provide your own support.

7) A 100-Mile Trail Run in California—I hope this will be the ultimate test in my running career.

Any takers? These running adventures will ultimately make our Metro Manila “runabouts” as part of our past. You can signify your intentions by making your comments. Have fun and we’ll keep on exploring through running!



23 responses

17 06 2009

BR wag mo takbuhin agad lahat yung 2-6 ha, magtira ka for next year.

17 06 2009

sir jovie, join ako dito specially yun mga local runs. thanks!

17 06 2009

Hi BR!

I’m really interested in dream run (5). Is this the easiest to organize (among the dream runs)? I hope my schedule permits me to join.

See you again soon!

17 06 2009

Re item #7, is this trail open to civilian trekkers? It looks like 40K of canyoning up a tributary of the Diamman River, up the southern skirts of the Mingan mountain range and down to Dingalan Bay, also via a river.

It must be tough if the army does it in the wet season. I was in Solsona last weekend and it took us a full day to descend the swollen Parpar-Usoken-Gasgas rivers.

17 06 2009

Item #6, sorry.

17 06 2009

Sir Jovie – The adventure runs looks exciting especially the Pagudpud run.

Regards Mark

17 06 2009

I also dream about qualifying for the Boston Marathon. Although the Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte run finishing at the Pagudpud Beach sounds exciting! I have to start building up my mileage now… Interesting propositions, Jovie-san. I’m sure many will agree.

17 06 2009

Those seem to be extremely challenging runs Sir Jovie, a runner’s dream indeed. Maybe after years of training I can hope to join one of these proposed runs of yours sir. Good luck in organizing it, I am sure that most if not all will eventually come to fruition.


17 06 2009

Greetings BR! It is nice of you to post your plans & dreams. Although, I am only into marathons, I would love to run in one of your ultra races, God willing. They are very inviting. As per Boston marathon, I am certain that you can easily qualify. From what I see in your time postings, you are a strong & fast runner. At 62-66 yrs young, I’ve qualified for Boston and ran it 5X(2003 to 2007). And since you are young and a very good runner, getting to Boston should be a piece of cake for you. Believe me. Just train well, which I know you do and don’t get any injuries. Dreams do come true especially for us “takbo-ers”. Keep up the good job. Take care & my best regards.
Your “kabsat” runner in NJ. D-U

17 06 2009

i heard that the tucson marathon (a boston qualifier) is a \”friendly\” course.

as for the 6 other dreams, we got the hammers so let\’s hammer away sir.

17 06 2009

BR, if #5 pushes thru, count me in…

17 06 2009

Dear BR – sa \”DREAM\” sama ako sa lahat pero sa RUN all 7 listed are too far for my standard and age. But, I am always here to support you.

17 06 2009

Dear BR- Sa \”DREAMS\” sama ako on all 7 listed pero sa \”RUN\” pass na siguro. DIstances for all are out of my standard and age. However, I will always be here to support you.

17 06 2009

game ako dyan sir! basta walang qualifying or entry fee ok ako….hehe!

18 06 2009

Sir Jovie, would Boston honor race times from Milo or QC Marathon races? Good luck on your sub 3:45 marathon target. I think you can do it with your eyes closed. 🙂

18 06 2009

Wow, big run plans in the works. Good luck with your goals and adventures. I share goal #1 with you. I too dream about Boston.

18 06 2009

i’m with you, except maybe the trail run. that, i’m with you in spirit…

19 06 2009

cant wait!
i personally like #5 =D

20 06 2009

with regards to #1: i’ve heard that bizz johnson is a fast course and it’s on trail so less wear on those legs. i will run that race if the time comes that i put boston in my sights…

#s 2-6: it would be great if one of those runs is scheduled in late april-early may ’09 when i visit the phil. would love to do a long distance run out there next year.

#7: there are a few to choose from. are you going to be around when ben runs ac?

hey rick. you shouldn’t have problem qualifying, right speedster?

21 06 2009

Ah man, if I dedicated some time specifically just for marathon training, I may qualify. I’m too wrapped up in the ultra thing though and my speed is such that too many long runs, is enough to slow me down to keep me from qualifying. Sacramento International is also a great Boston qualifier but it’s always the weekend after the Quad Dipsea. One of these days.

20 06 2009

Maybe we can invite you sir to do an ultra run around the circumference of Mt Mayon, 85kms of road running, it will be the first here.

22 06 2009

Go Sir Jovs! I’m with you all the way!!! Btw, join us in Twitter!

22 06 2009

Sir BR:

To all local runs Im in. For international runs, Im setting my eyes elsewhere. =)

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