The North Face: The Best Customer Service

It is amazing to be wearing the best and the latest trail shoes from The North Face for FREE! The following is my story.

I bought a TNF Arnuva 50 BOA running shoes last August 2008 in Beverly Hills, California. I used it during my training runs and on the day of the competition for the Bulldog 50K Ultra Trail Run. I also used it during my two trail running workouts at Mt Wilson with my kids and other “runabouts” at Griffith Park and Los Angeles. It is a versatile running shoes as it could be used as trail shoes and a road running shoes. Aside from being durable and light, it has a BOA Lacing System which is dependable for quick tightening of its shoe laces or quick removal from one’s feet. It takes few seconds to wear or unwear it due to the presence of a screw knob at the rear heel portion of the shoes.

Last November 2008, I joined the members of the Pinoy Ultra Runners with Jonel aka Bugobugo, George aka The Talkative Runner, Nickko & Maj Ferdie Espejo for an ultra run from Brgy Sta Juliana, Capas to Mount Pinatubo and back. Since I expected that the run would be on trails along the lahar areas, I used the TNF Arnuva 50 BOA. At first, it was very fast and comfortable removing it before crossing a river and then wearing it as soon we are on a dry land. But later during the run, I opted not to remove my shoes whenever we crossed rivers along the way. I was happy then that the shoes would easily dry up, after having it wet on those dozens of river crossings, while running on the dry lahar area.

We finished the 55-Km ultra run and I did not encounter any blisters with my feet and I was satisfied with the performance of the shoes. After washing it and having it dried, I observed that the left shoe’s screw knob could not tighten the shoe laces and it was very hard to turn it. I immediately brought to the attention of the sales staff in one of the TNF Stores in Metro Manila and they requested me to have it repaired/brought to their store. So, sometime in December, I gave my Arnuva Shoes to one of the TNF Stores in Manila.

After a few weeks, I received an update about the situation of my shoes through SMS and they need to replace the BOA Laces. Later, they told me that they were able to acquire or find replacement laces for my shoes which I thought would cost me for $ 10.00 a pair. Last February, TNF told me that there is something wrong with the tube where the laces would pass through but they were trying to fix the problem. After few exchanges of SMS with TNF, the service/sales staff of TNF finally informed me that my shoes has no chances of being repaired and there is no way that it would be given back to me!  But, they told me to proceed to any of their TNF Stores and choose any of the available shoes on their display/stock for a FREE replacement of my Arnuva 50 BOA shoes! Very nice!

And so, I got the lastest and the best trail shoes of TNF with the BOA Lace System…The Hedgehog GTX XCR BOA!!! I can safely call it the “HUMMER/HUMVEE” among my trail shoes. It is WATER-PROOF as it is made of GORE-TEX/XCR breathable membrane and its upper/outer materials are abrasion-resistant.

TNF's Hedgehog GTX XCR BOA Side View
TNF's Hedgehog GTX XCR BOA Side View
Look at those Spikes! The Bottom View of the "Humvee"
Look at those Spikes! The Bottom View of the "Humvee"
Outers are Abrasive-Proof unlike The Rocky Chucky whose TNF Logo was erased after weeks of trail running.
Outers are Abrasion-Proof unlike The Rocky Chucky whose TNF Logo was erased after weeks of trail running.
The BOA Screw Knob: Push & Turn to Tighten & Pull to Loosen
The BOA Screw Knob: Push & Turn to Tighten & Pull to Loosen

If you want the best customer service in your running shoes, get the best, The North Face!

Note: I am not an official product endorser of The North Face. Even if TNF did not support or sponsor the Bataan 102, I still believe in the quality of their products and its superb/outstanding customer service.

6 thoughts on “The North Face: The Best Customer Service

  1. miraclecello

    Nice colour combination. Gore-Tex cuts both ways though. I use high-cut, waterproof backpacking boots with gaiters on certain climbs so mud and pebbles don’t get in easily, but once water gets in it can’t get out either, so you have to drain them manually.

    The constant complaint I hear from friends about TNF trail running and hiking shoes is that they are too narrow for most feet. It’s good you don’t have those problems.


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  3. aldzheimerz

    cello, i have the arnuva 100 gtx and i’ve had it on climbs. When water gets in, it is ‘forced’ back out. What can’t get out are the pebbles that get in.. 😛

    Sir jovie,
    Those shoes are just sweet.. plain sweet..


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