Bataan 102 Registration Is Closed!

The last day of registration for the 1st Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Race was yesterday, 16 March 2009. And the registration is defnitely closed and there will be no extension!

As expected, Filipinos are fond of “last minute” payments as most of the runners have already their respective reserved slot for the race. Yesterday, a record payment of fourteen (14) runners in a single day was accepted by Allied Bank and the BR’s office. I exempted the three (3) runners from Singapore for the last day of payment due to some problems with the bank transmittal. I informed them that I will accept their payments on race day. 

Last September 2008, I planned this race to be limited to only 100 participants with the hope that only a handful would be interested to finally join the race. I was thinking that an attendance of at least 10-20 runners on race day would already be a sign of “success” and fufillment for me to introduce an ultramarathon event to honor and commemorate the historic WWII Bataan Death March with a challenging cut-off time of 18 hours.

To my surprise, the final number of participants for this race is already seventy-eight (78), including the foreign runners. There are five (5) female runners. The complete list of runners will be posted later today.

To all the participants and sponsors, thank you very much for your support.

10 thoughts on “Bataan 102 Registration Is Closed!

  1. congratulations sir jovie.i remember very well when i heard bataan from you the first time na kahit sampu lang tayo ay tuloy ang takbo.i wish you success in your inaugural event and for that matter success for all participants.together and hand in hand,we can make this event as very successful one.


    • thanks, i need the support of all the participants in this race. this is a challenge on my part as the RD but with your support, i know i will not fail. thanks again


  2. Wow!! 78 runners on an inaugural event is outstanding. Wika nga, “If you build it they will come.” I remember you told me kahit ilan tuloy ang laban. Wala ng atrasan. Parang war combat. You had a great vision which attracted others to follow. Lots of runners here are inquiring about your race particularly the historical link. Please encourage runners to write their race report and send it to running publications, newsletters, newspapers, etc. That would inspire others to know ultramarathon. A number of my race reports have been published at Ultrarunning Magazine (the bible of UR), and several running newsletters. It’s a way of giving our time to our dear sport and inspiring others to achieve their personal goals. Lastly, for runner’s safety please ask them to wear some reflective attachment (vest or flashing lights) to protect against highway traffic. Mabuhay, Sir and wish you the best.


    • ben, actually, there are 80. i forgot to count two runners who paid earlier last month through the bank who forgot to give me a notice. thanks for your support and being an inspiration to the runners when you joined us during our practice runs. i am getting positive feedbacks from some of the runners and they are planning to try the ultra trail races in california. i guess, i am in the right track and hope more people will enjoy the challenge in running the ultra distances. for sure we’ll be contributing our race reports to the UltraRunning Magazine. thanks for the suggestions. and many thanks!


  3. It was a dream come true!
    It was a vision materialized!
    It was a question answered!
    I still can recall when you shared this vision, “Why there is no running event in the Philippines to commemorate Bataan Death March?”

    Now, 78 warriors are counting down to a day of battle between time, finish line, the heat of the sun and their mind.

    I pray that all things would be well prepared and well organized…


    • jerry, it is very easy to dream for this event but making it into reality is another story. with your 100% support, i know this race will become an epic run to remember. good luck & hope to see you soon!


  4. sir jovie! this is very inspiring! i’m a newbie runner but hopefully i’ll be able to join your group and do an ultramarathon. good luck and God bless to all who joined.



  5. It’s a new thrill and dimension in running…and I’m so honored to be one of those 78 brave runners who will run and join this race.

    Mabuhay po kayo S’ Jovie, You’re one in a million!


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