Bataan 102K: Latest Updates & Reminders

1. Last Day of Registration and Acceptance of Registration Fees is next Monday, 16 March 2009. Effective March 17, registration and payments for registration fees will not be accepted except for the special accommodation given to the “foreign runners” from Singapore and other countries for them to register at the starting area on D-Day.

2. Final List of Participants will be posted in this site and at;; and Only those who have paid their registration fee up to March 16, 2009 will be included in the list.

3.  Race packets will be available for pick-up effective 17 March 2009 at the ULTRA Oval Track on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 5:30 to 9:00 PM or at our office at 115 2nd Floor M.H. Del Pilar corner E. Angeles Streets, Santo Tomas, Pasig City or call telephone number–497-6442.

4.  Race packet will include a “soft backpack”, white long-sleeved race shirt, a running cap with cover on the nape, race bib, GU Sports Gels, PowerBars, Salt, tissue paper (just in case) and Pain Reliever tablets. The “soft backpack” with the printed Race Number of the participant will serve as a “Drop Bag” of the runners where they can put in their extra shoes and clothes. These “drop bags” will be in the care of a dedicated Mobile Aid Station during the race.

5. There will be Aid Station in every twenty (20) kilometers where food, water and sports drinks will be available. In addition, three (3) Mobile Aid Stations will serve as a General Support Vehicle for everybody which will alternately “leap frog” as the race will progress. These Mobile Aid Stations will provide water and sports drinks for everybody and one Mobile Aid Station will serve as the repository of the “Drop Bags”. Gatorade, Propel, RC Cola & Zesto Tetra Pack Drinks are the brands available during the race. Foods available in the Aid Stations will include boiled bananas, boiled sweet potatoes, boiled eggs, fresh ripe bananas and other fresh fruits, Fita Biscuits, Sky Flakes Crackers, Peanut Butter Sandwich, raisins, chocolates, and “hot” cup noodles at Km Post # 50.

6.  Finishers (within the cut-off time of 18 hours) will receive a Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Trophy, and Finisher’s T-Shirt. A Certificate of Achievement will be given on a later date where the name & time of finish will be printed. We plan to give the Certificate with an appropriate Finish Picture of each runner-finisher.

7.  Each runner is advised and encouraged to carry with them Hand-held Hydration Bottles, Hydration Belt, or Hydration Bladder during the race. Remember, the Number Enemy or Opponent during the the race is not the other runners but the “Heat of the Sun and the Pavement”. Good luck to everybody!

8. Donors and Sponsors are highly appreciated to give anything (services, money, and material things) to make this ultramarathon race a success and memorable event. A part of your donation will support the “needs” of the surviving veterans of World War II who are presently under the care of the Veterans Medical Center. For those who supported this historical event and those who made “commitments” to support this endeavor (you know already who you are), my deepest appreciation and thanks to all of you.

Note: Payments for the Registration Fee must be deposited at Allied Bank Account # 0251-07156-8 in the name of Bald Runner’s Events or Jovenal Narcise. Please send an e-mail to to inform me of your payment as my basis for confirmation with the bank. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Bataan 102K: Latest Updates & Reminders

  1. georgepds

    sir jovie! daming goodies po dun palang sulit na ! tsaka sir pag nakatapos ako kiss na lang ako sa inyo hahaha,maraming salamas po!!!


  2. runnerforchrist

    S’ BR…where can I deposit my reg. fee? I will run the condura 21k this March 22 and I’m planning to give it there, however, since you have deadline alreadyI will deposit it this coming Friday or the most is on Monday. Also can I get your cellphone number? Here’s mine 0928-5548057. Kindly text or email me the details of your savings account number..

    God bless you.


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