Warning: Heat Stroke!

It was unfortunate to know what happened to Jerry aka High Altitude while he was on his way back to Metro Manila after finishing the Bataan 52K “Test Run” whch was held last Sunday from Abucay, Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga. Due to the help of Jonel aka Bugobugo85 and the rest of his family, he was able to get an immediate medical attention at the Makati Medical Center. Read the rest of Jeryy’s personal account on the said incident at www.highaltitude.wordpress.com.

After consulting with his personal physician, it was found out that Jerry was a victim of heat stroke or hyperthermia. On the last 11 klometers of the test run, Jerry could have asked from the support vehicles of the other runners for Gatorade or water. While running alone on that stretch of the road, I saw the support vehicle of the Power Runners and asked Kevin to fill up a used bottle for water with Gatorade and brought it with me in my run. For the next 6 to 8 kilometers, I sipped the bottle of Gatorade, alternatingly drinking some water from a bottled tucked in on my back with my compression shorts. I really anticipated the heat of the sun on the last stretch by having at least two bottles and two wet-foams with me—one bottle of water tucked on my back; another bottle of Gatorade on my left hand; one wet-foam clipped on the upper back edge of my shirt; and one wet-foam on my right hand which I regularly squeeze to drop some water to my head to dampen my runner’s cap.

I hope the participants of the Bataan 102K Ultramarathon Race on 05 April 2005 will learn a lot of lesson from the experience of Jerry and from my prevous post (Lessons Learned: Bataan 52K “Test Run”). On our part as the Race Organizer, we will make some adjustments and put more Aid Stations with Salt & Salted Crackers/Food & additional Sports Drinks along the route and encourage the runners to carry with them “hydration system” for electrolyte drinks and water during the race.

11 thoughts on “Warning: Heat Stroke!

  1. kingofpots

    i might had been also a victim of heat stroke as this could be the reason why i had a “burning” sensation on my crotch/groin while I was on my way back to Manila.


  2. runningshield

    Heat stroke is a killer. It can really break a runner or anyone who is over exposed to the heat and not fully hydrated. i have been a victim of this several times already. i notice just about when dehydration /heat stroke is about to hit me i literally go deaf. what i would do is stop and drink lots of Gatorade etc. Water dosent work so fast when you need it most. the best is always be prepared and drink drink drink regardless if it hits you or not


  3. run2dmoon

    i thought only speed kills in long distance running. now we need to beat a tougher enemy…Mr. Sun! I felt alot of trouble during our practice run as well. I felt the deaf-effect and cramps which was first time i felt. I thought the deaf-effect was due to sipping from the straw. I knew there was already something wrong but i knew i was not in any danger. I think i only manage to pull thru by putting lots of water on my sleeves and head, lots of positive thinking and of course the help of the support crew of TmBR. The distance was easy but the heat was a tough one to beat. Superman gets his strength from the sun but as for me, a lunatic on the run, would get his strenght from the moon!


  4. runnerforchrist

    Sir BR…although I was not able to join you last Sunday, I organized our very own version of Bataan 50k and this was the San Pedro Laguna to Naic Cavite 49.28 kms…At km 35, my buddy Bert, a 61 year old two time Marathon finisher, became dizzy, his face so burned and I admonished him to stop and be with our convoy. I continued and when I reached km 49, I cannot tolerate the heat anymore. It’s like I’m becoming mad and I yelled outloud (Every minute I sipped gatorade too and splash water on my head)…maybe I’m very near to heatstroke then..It’s fortunate that I did stop and call that event a “success.” However, I know we did not reach the finish line, for our goal is to reach the town of Naic, we’re short of about 500 meters.

    What happened to Jerry (who happened to be my friend), will serve as a lesson to us…that not because our legs can do it, it doesn’t mean that we can beat the sun! Proper hydration, sunblock spf 20 or higher, listening to your body and most importantly…prayer will help us achieve our goal.

    Thanks for your unselfish dedication to the running community and your dream of giving us a glimpse of what is in there…in the field of ultramarathon.

    God bless you and your tribe.


  5. quicksilverrunner

    Hi BR,

    That’s unfortunate, but totally within the realm of running ultras. When it gets too hot–I’m not beyond running in the shade or using an umbrella. Even a wide-brim straw hat will help.

    I hope he’s alright. Still, that was one impressive show you put on. Good luck with the big one in April!



  6. Hello guys,

    Big thanks for all the concerns. Thank God that my training mode is on again. This is a privilege for me. I will not tired to tell this, drink water is not enough, our body need electrolyte as well, to keep our muscle alive. Drink any sport drink which contain electrolyte, i would suggest Pocari Sweat. When you skip this, your muscle will surely shut off.

    During those dark moments, my urine was normal, that means i have enough water in my body, but not electrolyte.


  7. benwah

    First, thank you Sir Jovie for conducting the training runs. I wouldn’t want to miss both night run and the test run. I ran both with a couple of hrs sleep coming from international flights. In the words of Jeff and Jun, “I’m also in need of serious psychiatric treatment”.
    I myself suffered heat stroke at ’07 Mt Disappointment 50M (80k). I took off early and on the crucial part may have taken contaminated (mold) Cytomax. From M38(60k) to the finish, I threw up. My blue shirt turned white due to electrolyte loss and finished almost dead last due to dehydration. Lots of DNF in the race. My will got me to finish. We had a 100 deg temp. Last year, I redeemed myself finishing 1 hr 40 mins faster.
    At the Bataan Test Run, aside from my hydration I kept drinking every opportunity I had. I thank TBR and other support crews who offered. I poured water in my head all the time. Use Gatorade or any stonger drinks such as HEED, etc. You may also mix your energy gels with water. Avoid wearing dark clothes. The albedo (reflectivity ratio) of concrete is much higher than dirt. Our body generates all those heat. Some of you must have noticed me running on the dirt shoulder. It lessened the pounding on the joints at the pavement and at the same time less reflection. A high spf lotion is also ideal + application of body glides at your nipples and sensitive body parts (below under arms, crotches, butt, toes). All these are susceptible to blisters on a hot day. Remember the first part of Bataan is hilly. You should pace properly and start slow as possible. Throw away your marathon pace splits. You don’t have to be a speed demon to complete an ultra. You just have to run a smart race. I divide my race in 3 segments (warm up, target pace and finishing kick). The last one I even divide in 2 parts. Lots of psychological game here so you need to be mentally tough too. There will be lots of down times and ready to give up. Just imagine how you always bounce back whenever you’re down.
    Check http://www.badwater.com and http://www.run100s.com for heat training tips. You won’t believe this but sometimes during summer, I turn the heater on my car or don’t open the windows at all. That’s my self improvised sauna.
    Again, thanks for a wonderful time running with all of you. I can’t remember all your names but you showed the determination and fun of running an ultra. The camaraderie at ultra is uncomparable. I’ll be cheering for you at the Bataan 102. Lastly, don’t forget to taper 3 wks prior to Bataan 102. From this point do your long runs and possible back2back long runs. Walk or easy run on one of the two using “time on feet principle”. Good luck!!
    Feel free to email me at bgaetos@yahoo.com if you have any questions.


    My next races are: Catalina Marathon (mtn trails) Mar 14, Pasadena Mar (pavement) Mar 22, Old Goats 50M (mtn trails) Mar28, Leona Divide 50M (mtn trails) Apr 18, Palos Verdes Mar (paved hills) May 2, Bishop High Sierra (mtn trails) 100k May 16, and San Diego 100 Mi (mtn trails) June 6-7.


  8. bongpagong

    Congratulations for the success of the Bataan 52k test run. It just shows that with an experienced, dedicated, disciplined, hard working runner like you in charge, an ambitious ultra-marathon event like this promises to be a complete success come April.

    I hope with the bad experience of Jerry, every runner participating in the ultra be required to wear his own hydration belt to carry water,gatorade/sportsdrink, gel, power bar. With the extreme heat in April, it would also be wise to wear sunblock and hat.

    If you remember, in the 2007 Chicago Marathon, the race was cancelled midway during the race when due to the hot temperature,around 400 out of the thousands of runners were attended to by emergency/ambulance people mostly from symptoms of heatstroke. Because of the hot weather, the water stations ran out of drinks creating more chaos. Hopefully water station volunteers and support vehicles carry lots of drinks, wet face towels and lots and lots of ice.


  9. sfrunner

    Hi Jovie. Thanks not only for sharing this to all of us but also being on the course when this happened. This is the second experience in a month as I was on the course during the Kaiser Half Marathon during a similar situation. Our weather wasn’t quite as hot but that doesn’t make any difference if one isn’t used to the weather that we experienced that morning.

    Take care and tell everyone there hello for me.


  10. kingofpots

    guys, friends and co-runners, thanks for your comments and concern. we’ll see to it that this ultramarathon event to commemorate our heroes will be celebrated with success and the overall safety and welfare of all the runners will be paramount. to the participants, good luck. to our supporters, thanks for your endless support to the race.


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