Bataan 102: “Early Birds” & Runners With Reserved Slot

As of Thursday, January 8, 2009, the following participants to the Ultramarathon Race were able to register and pay their respective registration fee of Two Thousand Pesos (P 2,000) each:

1) John Frederick Abenina

2) Albert Henson

3) Francisco Lapira Jr

These three (3) participants are members of the CAMANAVA RUNNERS.

As of Monday, January 12, 2009, the following runners had posted comment/s that they are joining the said event and a reserved slot was made for them as part of the 100 participants:

1)   Constante C Mendoza

2)   Joe Babsa-ay

3)   Albert Salazar

4)   Jay Nacino

5)   Atty Jonnifer M Lacanlale

6)  Christian David Alacar

7)  Caloy Nobleza

8)   Norberto Mortel

9)   Gem Padilla

10)  Ronald Declarador

11)  Jun Jaranilla

12)  Mighty Mike

13)  Kim O’Connell

14)  Kim O’Connell

15)  Jerry Kurendeng

16)  Enrico Tocol

17)  Odessa Coral

18)  Martin Lorenzo

19)  Arman Fernando

20)  Jay Lee Cu-Unjieng

21)  Atty Regidor I Samar

22)  Ralph Jerome G Salvador

23)  Hermogines Olvis

24)   Bald Runner

25)   Team Bald Runner (Elite)

26)   Team Bald Runner (Elite) 

27)   Fort Striders Club

28)   Fort Striders Club

I have reserved at least fifteen (15) slots for runners coming from other countries. There are still Fifty-Four (54) slots to be filled-up until March 15, 2009.

For those who could not post a comment to this site, you can send your message to my e-mail address at

5 thoughts on “Bataan 102: “Early Birds” & Runners With Reserved Slot

  1. bamh403

    Hi BR…… please reserve 2 slots for Ultramarathon
    for my friends….
    Mario Salumbides and Jayson Fabricante from Lucban, Quezon… I will pay the entry fee on practice day, tnx..


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