Pictures @ 2008 NB Power Race

18 11 2008



Capt Espejo on his way back to the Finish Line in the 10K race.


Wayne aka SFrunner trying to catch up with another senior/masters runner on his way back to the Finish Line in the 10K race


 Maricel Maquilan of Team Bald Runner leading the way for the Overall Women’s NB 25K race before the turn-around point.


 Wayne aka SFrunner at the Finish Area. He was able to set his Asian Record for the 10K Race. Congratulations, Wayne


Philip aka The Foreign Runner passing through the Finish Line in the 25K Race. This guy is really fast!


 Not bad for me..The digital clock at the Finish Line showed 2:09:08 when I went through it but my GF 305 registered 2:09:00 as I stopped it after passing the “carpet” for the RFID.


Lester, Jeryy aka High Altitude and daughter of one of the runners with me immediately after the 25K race


A pose with Wayne aka SFrunner. Wayne, I hope you arrived safely in San Francisco.


Wayne, Jay aka Prometheus Cometh and BR after the race.


With Annalene aka The Meek Runner. “The family that runs together, stays together”. Congrats to the Bautista Family.



4 responses

18 11 2008

Sir Jovie, thanks so much for everything during the 10 days spent. Please let the members of Team Baldrunner know of my appreciation as well.

The shirts fit beautifully. Unfortunately on the photo, the senior runner who was just ahead of me finished about 20 meters ahead of me. However, he and the runner behind me worked together as a threesome in the last 5K, so it worked out really well.

I’ve e-mailed NB-Philippines thanking them for a well run event. Along with that, I’ve asked them to provide some results for us soon. I’m sure all of the runners would be appreciative to know how they did.

Take care and I’ll see you in LA in March!

19 11 2008

Hi Br,

thanks for motivating me and my family. thanks for your kindness, too.

btw, i would like to ask your permission to copy our pix and add in my site.

thanks again and take care.

19 11 2008

hey, anything that i post, to include the pictures, is for everybody. annalene, you are free to copy or download the pictures. regards to the running family!

19 11 2008

Sir Jovie. I’ve just learned that the new organizers of the LA Marathon have moved the date of the race to May 25th (Memorial Day). Details can be found on which is right now a temporary site.

I’ll e-mail you when I find out more. Thanks again and take care.

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