199 Days: Libingan; ULTRA Track; & “Running Shoe Guru”

18 09 2008

Yesterday morning, I called up the Commanding General of the Philippine Army’s Support Command (ASCOM), who happens to be my underclassman in the Philippine Military Academy, to reconsider their policy of preventing runners from using the streets inside the Libingan ng mga Bayani. His command is the one directly supervising the upkeep of the Libingan through a Council Board. I requested that runners and walkers must be allowed inside the cemetery as the rolling hills and streets are very challenging and the most accessible route to civilians, soldiers and retirees who would like to engage in physical activities. I told him also that the runners are very responsible people who are just after a quiet road, free of traffic, and full of challenging hills and don’t have any desire to litter or conduct informal picnics/meeting inside the establishment. I was assured by the Commanding General of ASCOM that he will bring this matter to the Libingan ng mga Bayani Council Board for their consideration.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to have my tempo run at the ULTRA Oval Track as it was my first time to run in the said track. I arrived at the oval track at 5:00 PM and was received by one of my runners being sponsored by the Bald Runner, Rey de los Reyes. Our workout was delayed by a “film shooting” being conducted inside the facility whose permit  went overtime from their scheduled time limit up to 3:00PM. Thinking that the shooting had ended, we started our workout but after 3 laps, we were requested by the film shooting crews to move away from the track as they were taking their final shots. Actually, I told Rey that my workout will consist of 4 laps easy/warm-up run; one lap easy slow run; 16 laps of moderate fast pace; and finish with 5 laps of easy, cool-down pace. By doing this, I would like to find out my average pace during the duration of the 16 laps and make that pace as my “goal pace” in road races. I was accompanied by Rey de los Reyes, Isidro Villasola aka “Putol” and Rabino Javier, a duathlon athlete during my lap runs.

Our 1st 4 laps became 5 laps as we were not aware that we had already finished 4 laps. We finished our first 5 laps with a distance of 2.13 kilometers in 11:11 minutes, with an average pace of 5:15 minutes per kilometer. We had some time to rest and do some stretching again while the film shooting was about to end. We continued our 16-lap run with a consistent pace of 2 minutes per lap running along the 2nd to 4th lanes of the track. We finished 16 laps with a distance of 6.83 kilometers in 32:04 minutes with an average pace of 4:41 minutes per kilometer! I was shocked and surprised with the results that registered in my GF 305. It showed that my Average Heart Rate had increased to 175 beats per minute from my regular 160s range and my Maximum Heart Rate had spiked up to 182 beats per minutes from my regular 170s range. We finished our workout with 4 laps slow, steady pace as our cool-down for a distance of 1.68 kilometers in 12:10 minutes, an average pace of 6:02 minutes per kilometer. In totality, I was able to run a distance of 10.64 kms with cumulative time of 55:25 minutes.

My first oval track tempo run at the ULTRA was a “hard” workout and I was able to register my target pace goal of 4:41 minutes per kilometer for my incoming road races. Henceforth, my training schedule for my future road races will be based from this target pace goal.

Joe Matias, the owner of A Runners Circle Specialty Running Store in Los Angeles, made a comment on my post for my plan to conduct the 1st Bataan Death March Tribute Ultramarathon Race this coming April 4, 2009. He plans to send some of his ultramarathon runners and friends who are based in Los Angeles with the likes of Jorge Pacheco, the 2008 Champion of the Badwater Ultramarathon; “Paco” Mendoza, a consistent top 10 finisher of ultra trail races in California;  John Radich, an 8th time Badwater Ultramarathon finisher; Ben Gaetos; Carmela Layson; and other Filipino runners in Los Angeles. Lately, he sponsored ultra runners who participated in the newly-concluded Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Run.

He also just created his personal blogsite with WordPress at  for the purpose of helping runners with their running apparel and equipment needs. I am encouraging my visitors to check his blogsite and feel free to leave comments if you need some clarifications and questions with regards to anything about running. He is called in his blog as the “Running Shoe Guru”.




2 responses

18 09 2008


i’m a regular visitor of your blog and i share the same sentiment with you regarding the decision of the libingan ng mga bayani council board. i regularly do my runs there every weekend and i felt sad when i read the notice that was handed to me by the guard on duty. i hope they will allow us again soon.

sheilah mae

22 09 2008


Any updates on this? I have seen family’s do their picnics inside. Runners only run, hope they allow us soon.

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