199 Days: Oval Track Etiquette

As it was my first time to run inside the ULTRA Oval Track, I was able to observe some actuations of the users/runners in the said facility. I am suggesting the following oval track etiquette in order to promote discipline and orderliness among the users:

1) Slow runners/Novice runners should use the outer lanes—Lanes #7 & #8

2) Oval tracks are primarily used for speed runs and tempo runs. Priority for the use of the inner lanes, Lanes #1-#3, should be for runners doing speed intervals and/or tempo runs. Lanes #1 & #2 are usually used and given priority to the fastest runners.

3) Walkers or Brisk Walkers should stay at the outer lanes—Lanes #7 & #8.

4) The oval track is not a place to “socialize” and users are refrain from making loud conversations.

5) Speed “drills” and stretching should be done outside the oval track.

6) Don’t litter in any part of the oval track.

7) Make an extra effort to greet ( Good morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening or maybe say, “you’re looking good”) every runner you pass or meet on the track, better yet, smile.

8) If you are doing speed runs at Lanes #1 & #2, don’t stop immediately and remain walking on your lane. If you intend to stop your speed run while using the inner lanes, you must immediately move towards the outer lanes and start walking once you are already on the outer lane. Stopping immediately along the inner lanes might give distraction to the speed runner on your back or rear.

9) If you are a faster runner and intend to pass another runner, just like in trail running, warn the runner ahead of you that you are passing him/her by saying “on your right” or “on your left” depending on what side you are passing the runner.

10) If you see me and recognize me at the oval track, just simply say, “Hi, Bald Runner or Hi, Sir Jovie”

6 thoughts on “199 Days: Oval Track Etiquette

  1. foreignrunner

    Hi Baldrunner, to summarise, I think if you are conciderate towards others more than towards yourself then these things should happen automatically. I am sorry however should I not greet you while running past you but when I am tired and doing speedwork, for one thing I dont have energy to greet or even to smile but it does not mean that I am rude so please accept my appoligies.


  2. gaucherive

    hi baldrunner. this is my first comment here but i’ve been visiting your blog for months now. your blog has given so much info about running. it has become indispensable. now, i finally have a wordpress account that enables me to make comments.

    anyhow, your observations on how people conduct themselves on the oval track are practically the same here in cebu. the cebu city sports center is practically the abode of sporting events here, so everyone who needs to sweat it comes here. signs are posted everywhere on which lanes to use: inner lanes are for tempos; outer lanes for brisk walkers to slow runners. these rules where never implemented. nobody follows them except elite runners and a chose few.

    once, while doing tempo i almost hit someone who was so casually walking and chatting with a special someone at lane #1. can u imagine. i don’t feel like reminding people, so i just let them be. but it makes one wonder what they are doing in the oval track in first place.

    i don’t usually greet people but if i happen to see u here in cebu using the oval track i will definitely ask for an autograph.


  3. kingofpots

    foreignrunner, whatever i posted about oval track etiquette are just suggestions to promote orderliness and respect among runners. you are right, “common sense” is the key in using such facility. keep on running & hope to meet you soon!

    levyang, elma muros is one of the living “icons” in athletics/track & field and i consider her as a “heroine” in philippine sports. it’s nice to talk to her as she is very approachable.

    gaucherive, nice name! thanks for leaving a comment & for your visits to this blog. yes, there are some people who are inconsiderate in using the oval track, even when i was running at the iloilo city sports complex. anyway, i will see what can i do to improve the situation here at ULTRA. i know some of the runners had read this post & i observed an improvement when i had my speed run at the oval track this morning. thanks, again..keep on running & stay fit.


  4. rayabe

    Hi BR! It’s nice to know you’re back!

    I would like to say that inside the Marikina Sports Park (formerly Rodriguez Sports Center) the inner most lanes (asphalt) are dedicated to cycling, the middle lanes (artificial turf) are for faster runners while the outer lanes are for the slow runners, walkers.

    The grandstand is used by runners who want the uphill challenge. Warm-up , stretching, etc. is done either outside the oval or inside the pitch (soccer field).

    It might be far from Taguig, Makati area, but do come and visit the place.

    I hope to see you again soon!


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