“Runabout” In Downtown, LA

1:08 PM 28 August 2008 at Downtown, Los Angeles

I had a two and half hours of “runabout” along the streets of Downtown, Los Angeles going to the different prominent buildings and structures, pausing in traffic lights to wait for the pedestrian lights to go and places where I pose to take my pictures. Basically, I was alternately running and jogging along the streets. Bringing only my TNF E-50 Hand-held Water Jug, Ipod Nano and Digital Camera, I was off in the house after lunch.

Running along Beverly Boulevard which turns out to be 1st Street towards Downtown was already a challenge with an uphill run of about 150 meters! Once at the peak, I was standing infront of the door of the Walt Disney Concert Hall along Grand Avenue and ran downhill towards Figueroa Boulevard. I spent some of my time running in the different streets near and surrounding the City Hall before going back again to Figueroa Blvd.

Walt Disney Concert Hall at Grand Avenue

I would go towards the South by running along Figueroa Blvd reaching up to the University of Southern California Campus, passing along the Staples Center, Nokia Theater and the Los Angeles Convention Center. Once I reached the USC Sports Arena-LA Coliseum area, I made my turnaround and I was back towards Temple Street to have a pose with the famous LA Roman Catholic Cathedral as my background.

At The Staples Center–Home of the LA Lakers (Note: Look at the Big Pots infront of the Staple Center)

A pose at the side of the Nokia Theater-LA Live just across the Staples Center. Yup! I was using my Newton Shoes. What I like with this shoe was the”stares, big eyes & attention” it got from the people I passed by and from those people inside their cars while waiting for the stop lights to turn green in the street crossings.

The LA Roman Catholic Cathedral

After running along Temple Street, I dropped by at the Echo Park and had one round before stopping my run for my cool-down walk towards the house. I was able to run a distance of 20.67 kilometers in 2:35:17 hours. It was a nice “runabout” and “sight-seeing” tour while running in Downtown, Los Angeles.

5 thoughts on ““Runabout” In Downtown, LA

  1. Good morning, Sir!
    Your pictures refreshed me of our (Saturnino Salazar, Hernando Pineda, Edgardo Pedregosa) escapades in LA 2 weeks after we represented our country in the 37th CISM World Military Cross Country Championship at Florida, USA sometime on Feb 1999. “Gala” ang tawag namin noon. Now, it is called “runabout” and walkabout”? Thanks! Thats something new. I will surely pass this on to my athletes.
    In the coaching parlance, IAAF taught a similar recovery way. This is done after 1 or 2 days of heavy workouts. It is composed of a 30-minute CR (continuous run) with 70% effort. We call it “Active Recovery”. I invite everyone to try this instead of a day without any physical activity at all.
    My snappy salute, sir!


  2. levyang

    Wow, you got to visit staples center 🙂 Am a big fan of the Lakers, I’d give anything to get close to my fave team’s home floor. Even just a glimpse outside because I know ticket prices to a Lakers game is so prohibitive. Wow, thanks for showing this BR!!!


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