Birthday Run

11:00 AM 31 August 2008 at Silverlake Water Reservoir

My son, John, invited me for a noon run to celebrate his birthday on this day. So, we went to the Silverlake Water Reservoir and did a 10K run at noontime with temperature in the mid-90s.

One round of the reservoir registered a distance of 3.5 kilometers in my GF 305. We did three (3) rounds and we had a very fast pace on our first and last rounds with 5:00-5:30-minute per km pace. It was an “inverted” tempo run!

Yes, Father and Son are both Crazy!!!

2 thoughts on “Birthday Run

  1. runningshield

    pLS. TELL your son happy birthday. and yes both father and son are crazy….. but in a positive maaner :-). bald runner we are all missing you here in manila. take care of your self


  2. foreignrunner

    Hi there brother, please congratulate your sun with his birthday. It was great to do what you both love and do it together on this special day. It is always priceless….


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