My (New) Newton Shoes

For finishing my first ultramarathon race (50K), I ordered my new Newton Running Shoes as my reward and it arrived after 6 days.

Instead of buying the new NIKE Lunar Trainer Shoes, I chose this!

We’ll see what this “Lamborghini” would do to my running…

7 thoughts on “My (New) Newton Shoes

  1. kingofpots

    bards, the shoes is really fast aside from being attractive!

    mesh, hahaha! mine is for men’s and i like being “green”, i mean the love of nature.

    high altitude, give me more time to use it and i’ll post my evaluation of the shoes. thanks!

    schlagger, aside from being available only on order in the us, the shoes is expensive as compared to the “top of the line” of ASICS. however, they are still made in china!

    jinoe, we’ll see what this shoes will do to my running! thanks


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