“100K Challenge”

Do you want to take the “100K Challenge”?

This will test if you are ready for your tempo runs, speed runs on the oval track, hill workouts, and long steady runs (with “surges” along the way or fast pace at the last 10 kilometers of your long run or long runs at race pace). If you successfully pass this challenge without any injuries, it means that you have developed the endurance and strong leg muscles necessary for a marathon with the end result of attaining your desired finish time.

You can do this with your treadmill machine or along the paved road which is relatively flat. Do the scheduled runs as instructed so that you can recover in between morning and afternoon/evening workouts. You should do the challenge from Monday to Thursday so that you can rest and recover for the rest of the week.

Monday—5K (AM) + 10K (PM) = 15K

Tuesday—10K (AM) + 15K (PM) = 25K

Wednesday—15K (AM) + 20K (PM) = 35K


Total = 100K

All Runs should be at moderate (10% less your race pace) or near your Race Pace. Make a log/journal of this challenge and you should be able to get your average pace per kilometer after running 100K.

If you think you are not ready, then don’t do it. But if you want to try, go for it!

Good luck!

9 thoughts on ““100K Challenge”

  1. runningshield

    A 4 day running week and 3 double day work out is really challenging. i dont think i can do that. my body would breakdown by the end of the week. But Bald runner congratulations on your ultras. great job it would be a dream for me to do 1 of those. regards


  2. Ah e… Di ko yata kaya to. This is what I have notice with your runs BR. You can do two long runs in one day based on your 1000Km club logs. It really inspired me to improve my running. My mileage has really increase when I started my own 1000Km goal. 100km in one week may not be my goal yet. 100km in two weeks pwede pa. 😀


  3. Hi Sir!,
    At last, I got the courage to register, log in and submit this comment. (My first time but am sure I will learn from this thing….. he he).
    What a challenge! Well, I know I can do this but not now. Or else, I will surely experience some inconvenience and have an injury. Thats really a hard thing to do. I have done two 24-hour walk already and I know how it feels to agonize the pains. As coach, I will be breaking the principle of “Recovery”.
    Anyway, give me time and surely I can do that without any problems, pains, etc….whatsoever. If my idol can make it, I can also make it. I salute you sir!
    Good day to you and all bloggers.


  4. loonyrunner

    this is a nice idea. i’ve been wondering about this, when can you say you have enough base-building mileage for you to proceed to speed training… and this post just answered it! thanks! i’ll try this test out… uhmmm… next month 😀


  5. olvis06

    this is a very tough challenge BR… for now i cant do this for sure maybe a month of preparation and i will be ready. i may have a courage to run a full marathon on my first race but i havent try a 100k week before. thanks for posting this, sure a lot of people will be looking forward to this… would it be okay to run the tuesday and wednessday in one go? no AM/PM schedule…

    hydrates well


  6. olvis06

    sorry i mean monday and tuesday… so i will do a time out from my job on wednesday and thursday only. after looking agian at the schedule of the challenge (now in more detail) i dont think i can do this in just one month of preparation. maybe early months of next year i will be ready but for now i think i really should respect this challenge. im backing out for now… hihi

    happy running
    gene again


  7. workaholicrunner

    This will be extremely difficult during a normal week given my work schedule. Perhaps I will take the challenge during Thanksgiving week in the US since I am off for four straight days and do not intend to travel. Instead of doing it from Monday to Thursday, I will attempt to do it from Thursday to Sunday. Even with no work though, this will be a monumental challenge.

    The third day will be the hardest to do with 15K in the morning and 20K in the evening.


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