“Know “Why” You Are Doing…

WHAT You Are Doing!” This is the “bottomline” statement in all the writings and speeches of the famous Arthur Lydiard on Distance Running.

If you have a training schedule or running program being followed (strictly) and given to you by your coach or you are just following a training schedule you got from Runner’s World Magazine’s Smart Coach/other magazines and running books, you should be able to know the reason “why” you are doing your long steady runs, tempo runs, speed “track” runs, hill workouts, and related running drills within a certain period or phase of your training towards your race day.

If your “coach” can give you the answers of “why” you are doing such in your running workouts and if you think you know the answer (if you are coaching yourself), then, most likely you will be able to attain your desired goal on race day.

Good luck!

2 thoughts on ““Know “Why” You Are Doing…

  1. It is such true words. I think you can use hat on all aspects of life. If no reason then no commitment. Great blog and will surely meet you when you are back on home soil (that is for you though). Speak to you soon and KEEP FIT.


  2. yep. i agree… this has been my guiding principle while training and it’s resulted to me enjoying my training more, while also reaping all its benefits. Lydiard — he’s the man! 😀


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